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    According to Soap Opera Network, when asked if they are returning, reps for Bryan Datillo and Patrick Muldoon issued a “no comment”. Now, why in the world would you decline to comment if it simply weren’t true?! And the idea of the REAL Austin, Patrick Muldoon, returning, and not Austin Peck just makes me GIDDY with delight! I cannot wait to see classic Carrie/Austin flashbacks from 92-95!

    Honestly, if I get back Marlena, John, Carrie, Austin, Jack, and Lucas, I am going to go out of my ever-loving mind!!! I will even accept the horrid Melanie, Rafe, Gabi and Daniel if it means focusing on my faves! Marlena and Carrie are my ultimate favourite Days characters OF ALL TIME, and John/Marlena and Carrie/Austin are my favourite Days supercouples of all time. I am so ecstatic to be getting my faves back!!!

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    Just the very idea that Austin (MULDOON!!!!!), Carrie and Lucas might return gets me excited.

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    Interestingly, Patrick Muldoon was approached to return in 2005 but declined, so they went with Austin Peck. In December 2010, after having lunch with him on the Days set, Christie Clark revealed that Patrick, for the first time in 15 years, said he’d be interested in coming back to Days.

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    I could get behind Patrick Muldoon returning as Austin. He is certainly more interesting than Austin P.

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