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    Here you AW fans, I hadn’t came back watching AW in ’82 and this is great eppy w\location shoot, very early Cass had just joined AW in 7/82 a different kind of Cass. Sandy, Blaine, Cecile involving Cass in her schemes. Lots of Mac & Rachel during one of their divorces (Steve Frame is back in form of David Canary) Mac’s granddaughter Maggie is a baby. It was good I enjoyed it, didn’t know all the stories but knowing enough of AW to piece together.

    I included my GL a full eppy from Nov. 2 ‘1979 during sweeps and it has it going on in the story department! I was a senior and remember these stories! Roger had raped Holly and on the run (this leading up in ’80 when Roger plunges over the cliff). I loved crazy ass Lucille Wexler played deliciously by Rita Lloyd. She had been trying to kill Ben, Ed was married to Rita. The Spaualdings were newly introduced in ’77 Alan in the form of CB…loved him as Alan. Lizzy’s namesake Elizabeth Spaulding Phillp’s mother. This is period that the Dobsons was HW for GL started in ’75 creating long lasting characters such as the Spauldings, and the Roger & Holly relationship before going back to ATWT and Doug Marland came to GL in ’80. I am in hog heaven, lots of ’80s material on the internet but very little of ’70s soaps and especially a full episode! :love: :love: :love:

    Enjoy! I sure did last night with my soap divas!

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