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    Matthew Ashford best know for his role as the former rapist turned comedic romantic lead Jack Deveraux on Days, was bounced from the show under JER’s rein. Eventually found refuge in Port Charles when he was cast as the recast of Tom Hardy on General Hospital. The role had been played previously by 4 actors: Christine Cahill (1971–1974), David Comfort (1981–1982), Bradley Green, (1981–1982) and the best known David Wallace (1987–1993).

    Under Wallace’s portrayal Tom entered into a controversial (for that time period) interracial relationship with Dr. Simone Ravelle (Laura Carrington
    1987–1989, Stephanie Williams, 1990–1993), got married and spawned a child Tom Hardy Jr.

    Wallace left GH in 1993 as Tom left for Africa and Simone was recast with Felecia M. Bell (1993–1996). Simone started a romance with Justice Ward and to spice things up a bit the TPTB decided to bring back Tom and start a love triangle. So they recast the role of Tom with Matthew Ashford.

    And boy was that a mistake. Tom as we had come to know him was more of a complicated heroic liberal type of character, who truly was never fully flushed out by the writers. So the casting seemed to be an attempt to give him dimensions and some layers. Yet, all Matthew Ashford did was bring Jack Deveraux to Port Charles. In fact it I could hardly tell the difference between Jack and Tom. I always thought the recast of Jack on Days would have fit better as a Tom recast then Matthew Ashford. While, he is good, Matthew has this quirky kind of acting style that seems work better when he was on OLTL as nutjob then on GH trying to play the good doctor wanting his family back. Plus, he lacked chemistry with Bell who played Simone.

    If Ashford is going to join a soap then he needs to play an original character and not someone’s recast. At least that is how I view him.

    Anyways here is his debut scene on GH. The dialogue sounds awfully a lot like all his returns to Days as Jack:

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