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    OMG!  I can’t believe they really went there.  I would have bet money that it was Steffy that Oliver had up against that wall.
    How TPTB expect us to believe that a woman who has "known" a man for over 20 years couldn’t tell the difference between him and a 20-year old kid is beyond me.

    The younger Bell regime must really believe we are all looking to TV and movies to give us things that are sooo far from reality it isn’t even funny.  Well, actually it is pretty funny–this storyline, that is.  I watched yesterday’s episode online and, I must say, I haven’t laughed that much in a very long time.

    Wait, maybe this is how soaps are going to keep themselves from becoming extinct–they’re going to turn into screwball comedies!

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    I was just about to post a thread about this!

    I was shocked watching Friday’s show and then Monday’s confirming it!  I thought wowzers Brad Bell went there!  Talk about good stuff.

    Now y’all know I’m not Brooke Hogan Logan’s biggest fan so I thought this was a nice twist.  Brooke Logan actually wasn’t trying to do something bad and be a slut and look what happens.  I just can’t wait for the fall out.  If Brad Bell writes this correct it will be amazing!  Steffy, Stephanie, Taylor, Bridget and Hope are going to have a field day with Brooke!  I can’t wait.

    Can I just say I don’t want to hear a Brooke Logan fan mention one thing bad about my Taylor Hayes Jones EVER AGAIN!  Brooke Logan has took the cake with this one. 

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    C’mon, Smitty.

    As insane as this is, it’s not the thing that’ll turn me over to the dark (Taylor) side.  Even you said that Brooke wasn’t trying to do anything wrong.

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    Listen I lay no blame on either person for this but I will say this…I’m sure my Taylor Hayes Jones would not have made this mistake!

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    You’re probably right.  After all, she’d probably be too busy KNOWINGLY schtooping her ex-husband’s stepson.

    (That’s right, I went there!)

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    After all these years of randomly whoring around, Brooke Logan’s thighs must be hotter than Joan of Ark’s!!!!!!!!! Just sayin…..If it looks like a streetwalker, dresses like one and has sex with every man in town who she’s not biologically related to……………………(fill in the blank!)

    P.S– I still love Katherine Kelly Lang, but Brooke needs to have it sewn up or glued shut!!!!! Enough is enough. Hope I didn’t offend anyone with my candor!!!!!!!!

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    Brooke trying to be a slut? I thought she made an Art out of that one!

    Each people have their own sent, no way in hell you can mistake a thicker 50 year old with a young 20 something, unless you want it! LOL

    Poor KKL she is worth more than a sluttty character!

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