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    A couple of weeks ago Katie and Bill moved into the beach house and it got me thinking – Where do the other Forrester’s live now? 

    Rick used to live at the beach, now he is building charity houses – does he live there?  I remember Thorn buying the house – where does he live?  I know Felicia is upstairs with Bobby Martin’s skies, but does she live with her father and Donna?

    I know times are tough and it is expensive to build sets, but Bill lived in a hotel and he could have stayed there – At least the Forrester children wouldn’t be homeless. 

    BTW living in LA, I can tell that drinving from Malibu to downtown could take as long as drving from the Big Bear Cabin, so maybe the older kids live there?

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    I’m confused too… I thought maybe Rick lived with Brooke, so he could get her grilled cheese sandwiches as and when he pleased. But, she lives with Ridge, so it’s not likely…. 

    I thought Felicia lived in the outhouse/poolhouse thing on the Forrester Estate? Having said that, weren’t Pam and Stephanie there for a while… so where did Felicia go? 

    As for Thorne – I think he has a beach house that is different to the one where Bill/Katie now are… 

    I don’t think anyone on the show has lived in Big Bear on a permanany basis. This is all too confusing…  :D

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