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    Ugh!  On today’s B&B, Ridge told Taylor that he is leaving Brooke.  I thought I wanted to puke.  Ridge sucks!  This narcissistic fool is going to dump Brooke once more.  Why do we have to see this mess? 

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    We have to see this mess because someone  thinks ONE person might think it’s interesting ! The writers of this mess called B&B need to be told NO ONE cares who Ridge is with, as long as he sticks with one!
    Either that or have them move to a compound in Utah so he can have them both! The numero ono reason I quit watching!

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    Did you see the look on poor Whips face when Taylor was on the couch and said RIDGE?  I just started watching but if Taylor takes him back I am going to lose a lot of respect for the character. 

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    Tell me this is a joke?…….I haven’t watched today’s episode yet…sigh.

    Taylor and Whip have potential to be a breakout couple!….BRAD BELL don’t you mess them up!  sigh…

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    I actually hope Ridge leaves brooke, tries to reunite with Taylor and Taylor tells him to pound sand.

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    Watched last night – I cant believe Taylor fell for that crap and let him kiss her EWWWW.  How stupid are these women – Brooke’s home saying how sure she is of him and Taylor hears him say DOC once and she thinks they are off to the races.

    And what did they break up over – a stupid ad campaign that Steffy is now reluctantly on board with.

    I wish they would go back to the Jackie M side of the canvas – IMHO its much more interesting.

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     Ok I have to make a confession.  I watched the episode earlier today and I was sucked back into "Tridge".  When he called Taylor "Doc"…gosh that got to me and then they kissed!  Y’all know I used to be the biggest "Tridge" fan so I was really digging how it ended on Friday’s episode even though I am sick of the back and forth Ridge does.

    I do hope on Monday’s show Taylor pulls away and lets Ridge know that she has moved on with Whip.  It would be nice to see Ridge fight for Taylor’s affection.  I like "Tip" so I am torn.  Gosh what am I to do!  I love Whip/Taylor but Taylor/Ridge is my first couple that I loved on this show.
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      See I have this huge issue with couples coming back together when the one treated the other so shamelessly.  I think its one reason why I am so glad on GH that they had Jason making all the first moves with Sam and why I am still waiting for some convo between the two where he denounces all the crap he did to her last go round. 

    I dont think having some dude call you by a pet name is enough.  I am new to the show, but I thought I read that he was preparing to marry Taylor when he went back to Brooke.  When I like a character I want them to be happy and first.  I have come to really like Taylor and the idea of her getting Ridge just because Brooke did something that displeased his royal highness bugs me.  If he actually chased Taylor because he loves and wants her, I might feel different but bouncing over because he has two on a string and can ping pong at his pleasure is annoying.  No woman should have to put up with that and certainly not someone who has so much going for her.  Its like Tea and Blair fighting over the likes of Todd manning.

    And you know, a lot of it is that I also dont care much for triangles where its 2 chicks fighting for some guy.  I guess maybe because I am a woman, I want to see the woman in the middle.  I would rather see Whip vs. Ridge for Taylor just like I would have rather seen Todd vs. Eli for Blair and Lucky (GV version) vs. Jason for Sam or even David vs. Ryan for Greenlee or Ryan vs. Jack for Erica on my abc soaps. 

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     As someone who has watched this show for 20 years the little things like Ridge calling Taylor "Doc" means something to us.  That is his "pet" name for Taylor and he uses Logan for Brooke.  It’s a nice touch to history and I like to see stuff like that.  It makes sense that Taylor would say to Ridge that calling her that name gets to her.  I understand that.  

    On message boards for years we have been complaining about these two women fighting for Ridge.  He never really was fighting for them.  It was always Brooke trying to break up Taylor/Ridge’s marriage or vice versa.   Ridge needs to fight for the affection of either woman.  I am content with him staying married to Brooke or maybe Brad Bell could wait until "Bridge" has been married a few years before breaking them up so quick.  The back and forth worked so well in the 90s because it wasn’t every six months that Ridge was going from Brooke to Taylor. 

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    Brooke/Ridge/Taylor is the most played out triangle in daytime history, IMO. I’m so sick of it! I’ve been watching B&B on and off since the beginning and it seems like every other year they go back to that triangle. Keep Taylor away from Rigid and his valley ho!

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    Smitty I guess I meant if I had a bf that called me sugar lips, him just calling me sugar lips would not make me forget that he chose someone else over me.  If he crawled over broken glass and staged a hunger strike until I forgave him for being a duplicitions,  wrong headed, jackass – maybe after seeing him bloody and starving for a week I would CONSIDER giving him the chance to maybe just maybe woo me.  And then after months of apologies, flowers and romance I would maybe forgive him.  I wasnt devaluing the history of the show. 

    Compare to say Nora and Bo on OLTL. I am not a big fan of that pairing but Bo calls Nora Red.  If he had walked in to her home and called her red and she swooned I would have been annoyed  because he didnt forgive her mistakes for more than a decade.  She apologized countless times and literally begged for his forgiveness but still he refused to even give her that.  He needed  to say that he was an unforgiving jerk that completely blew it.  Nora was still wrong, but over time he became just as wrong for even trying to see why she did the wrong.   I hope that makes sense, its not the nickname that is the issue, its that I want Ridge to be aware of his behavior and his mistakes and acknowledge them the way bo has. I cant buy any couple completely til something like that happens.

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    Yes, I agree……..Bradley Bell has shown in the class that he has a SMALL measure of creativity and imagination, but it’s  a shame that he doesn’t have young, fresh, innovative writers around him to at least FEED him some new ideas—or stimulate his brain a little more.

    He has done some really great stories, but he seems to get stuck in a rut, like many other writers. Either that, or they find something that works and they refuse to let go of it……(Megan McTavish, do you hear me?????)

    This Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle should have been over with LOOOONNNGGG ago!!! How dumb are these two women to keep running back to Ridge Forrester when there are a few BILLION other men on the Earth that they haven’t slept with/procreated with/loved/??????

    This show needs FRESH blood!!!! Bradley Bell is just too spoiled, and he has been resting on his laurels for too long. It might be time for a new Hogan Sheffer to come along and knock him off his perch.

    Never mind, his father passed down his legacy to Brad, so he is basically set for life….or until they cancel B&B and Y&R…..

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    I have to disagree AlsonB………….. sorry, but the last thing we need on BnB are new characters. You are right about Brad continuously dropping the ball before the 20 yard line.. so to speak, but he is a pretty clever business man. Tay and Brooke, Stephanie and Brooke… bring in the numbers. You don’t hear Brad worrying about cancellation, do you?

    For all his fumbles, Brad has managed to keep this soap at number 2 over 1,5 decades and the show is more than viable.

    Being a hardcore BnB fan, I am more than willing to go the 9 yards for the touchdown no matter how long it takes, Brad will get us there, whether or not we are somewhat frustrated for bouts of time.

    I say, if he does bring on this BTR stuff, it is only for a bit of drama, but BRIDGE is his crown couple.. fact. It may not be enjoyable seeing them all in the same old story with just different clothing, but one thing for sure……… the fans speak! We voice our support for whichever couple we want to win, for the ones that we want out of the triangle and for the sigh of relief when Bridge are finally back together for a while. Bridge is boring, I don’t want Taylor anywhere near Ridge except of being friends. But I do absolutely love the cattiness and the absolute ridiculousness of the face-offs between Brooke and Taylor.

    My only ambivalence is in whether or not Brooke and Taylor or Brooke and Stephanie the true super couple is.. in the meantime………………………………. I stand tried and true, one of the biggest fans out there… and believe me, no matter where Brad takes us, I will be there!

    Bring it on… who’s afraid of the big bad BTR…………… no true fan that I know!

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