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    I go back and forth watching B&B because it’s only 30 minutes and usually the characters and story are pretty good. Now that my OLTL is leaving I am also trying to pick up some other soaps I never watched, including Y&R. Recently, watching B&B I am completely perplexed. In what kind of universe does one person who is in love with someone and then falls out of love with them and then into someone else’s bed the next day. Does this really work?

    So Brooke and Thomas slept together (did they really?) and Ridge left her and he has been with Taylor before, but seriously…the day AFTER you left your wife, everyone just expects you to go back to your ex-wife??? REALLY? Stephanie pretty much had the shot gun in her hand pushing them towards the alter and Taylor cried one little bitty tear when Whip left her. She proceeded to wipe her eye, get more lip collagen, and moved right back to Ridge!

    Are these people robots? Can they really get over the people they supposedly love within 48 hours? Man, I wish I had these people’s lack of emotion and compassion. These people never need time to heal.

    I think this show has always been unbelievable in that way, but damn I’m just really annoyed how they can do this.

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