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    Ok, first off let me be honest. Everyone and their mother should know by now that Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes Forrester Forrester Marone Jones is my second favorite heroine in all of daytime. I grew up rooting for “Tridge” and yelling at my tv when that slut from the valley, Brooke Logan tried to ruin their relationship. Hell the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle is the reason why I joined my first message board. Now I have been reading many complaints about how Taylor is out of line/overreacting to the whole Thomas/Brooke Taboo line and the kiss. Well it always leaves me scratching my head because I think, how soon we forget. Let me take you all a bit down memory lane.

    During the 90s Taylor and Ridge were married. Brooke Logan did all she could to break up their marriage. She tried seducing Ridge on numerous occassions, she used their “daughter” Bridget to get to Ridge, and any crisis she had she would run to Ridge. She was always using the press to make a scene with Ridge even though she knew he was happily married to Doc aka Taylor Forrester. After Taylor’s first presumed death, Brooke pounced on Ridge before Taylor’s grave was cold. Then when Taylor came back from the dead Brooke knew she wouldn’t be able to keep Ridge but that didn’t stop her. Ridge/Taylor couldn’t deny the love and great bond that they shared so they eventually made love, which resulted in Thomas being made. LOL …When Brooke found out Taylor was pregnant she faked her own pregnancy to get Ridge to marry her instead of Taylor because she knew Ridge wanted to be with the mother of his child. Once it was all revealed Ridge rightfully left Brooke and went to the love of his life. They went on to get remarried and had their twins, Pheobe and Steffy. Brooke supposedly tried to move on with Thorne but to prove that she didn’t love Ridge they set Brooke up. Made her think she had a chance with Ridge and she took the bait. Brooke still wanted Ridge. She didn’t care. Brooke wrecked Thorne’s marriage to Macy and then dropped Thorne like a bad habit when she thought she had a chance with Ridge again. Brooke was back to being a thorne in Taylor/Ridge’s marriage. The only reason she got Ridge back was because once again that damn Prince kidnapped Taylor.

    Now that this paraphrased history lesson is complete now folks are saying Taylor is overreacting. I disagree. Taylor has NEVER been a fan of Brooke so why would she want her son working with her. She has seen Brooke go through all the Forrester men, Eric, Ridge, and Thorne without a bat of an eye. She watched Brooke try and destroy her marriage and Macy’s marriage so why would she trust Brooke working with her son. Look at the rest of Brooke’s track record. She has slept with several of her daughter’s boyfriends/husbands so why wouldn’t Taylor expect the worst out of Brooke? She’s trying to protect her child from that slut from the valley. Taylor’s concerns are warranted. It’s hard for me to take ppl serious when they say she has no right to be mad. Hello are we forgetting all the stuff Brooke has done. She has a long track record and I wouldn’t blame any mother from trying to protect their child from her.

    I already know where the defense of Brooke is going to go. Taylor has slept with her fair share of men, but one thing is much different than Brooke. She never went out to destroy marriages and sleep with her child’s husbands. yes she had a relationship with Rick but Rick was single. I am ready to defend my Taylor so bring on the defense of Brooke Logan. LOL.

    I thought I would type this because I been reading to much slander of my Taylor and folks need to remember why she is this way.

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    As a relatively new viewer let me just say this…I think taylor is overreacting..BUT….she is totally entitled to overreact. And why should she? What we know is that even a fan of the character would have to admit that brooke is basically scandal prone and her scandals inevitably effect tayor and the people she loves. We also know that Ridges idea of parenting is at best lax and at worst plaqued with a never ending cycle of withholding and rewarding behavior – steffy you got the company back for me, I guess I should pay attention to you. Steffy you pretended to whore yourself out to get the company back for you and my wife is annoyed with the fact that it impacted her sister, but I have my job so I guess I will pay attention to you. Steffy, I am not getting laid because brooke is put out by the fact that you and your sister are fighting over a boy that neither of you will give a shit about 3 years from now, but HEY, did you hear me I AM NOT GETTING LAID, so please go to france until you learn how to behave – or until hope gets what she wants so brooke will start boinking me again. So yes, Taylor is overreacting if you look at it as just a sweet innocent, I didnt mean anything by it kiss. But perhaps if she didnt have to do damage control and didnt have to parent basically by herself MAYBE she would be more willing to let Thomas and the family/company incur the risk. If I am taylor I would be thinking hmmm if I get ridge to cut this line, the downside is thomas will have to think of a different concept to market his clothes, but the downside is my son boinks his stepmother, my son alienates his father for life, a situation gets created where my daughter and I will have to choose an alliance between the two, and the world will witness our turmoil splashed across every magazine, internet site and television across the world. yep, she is overreacting, but so would I.

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    She’s a jealous heiffa. She slept with Brooke’s child and she’s afraid that she’s going to catch the judgement for that. I’ll give you this. Brooke has slept with Deacon, Bridget’s husband at the time. Deacon, a man, who really married Bridget for other reasons other than love. Brooke also slept with Hope’s boyfriend, but in her defense she thought it was her own husband at the time. She didn’t do it on purpose.

    Taylor is sure trying to destroy Brooke’s marriage now which throws out half your excuses for Taylor. Taylor even married Whip, a man who loved Brooke first might I add. Then had the stones to yell out Ridge’s name during sex. Never addressed any of that in your defense.

    Taylor is no saint or no wounded mother protecting her young. It’s all a giant excuses to get back in the dressmakers’ pants again. She not fooling anyone but Stephanie and I guess maybe you.

    I like Taylor but she’s a damn hypocrite and she need to stop running her mouth before her brains catch up because someone is bound to hoe-check a fool before very long.


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