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    Ok twitter was a buzz on Friday after B&B left us with another shocking cliffhanger. Liam blurted out to Ridge he was his son. Now my mouth dropped and I am sure everyone else’s did to. Many questions started running through my mind. Who is Liam’s mother? Is this guy lying? Why did he let Justin set up his “sister” Steffy? I thought dang Brad Bell has done it again, but there’s only one problem. I don’t really believe he is Ridge’s son. I truly think he was just saying this to stop Ridge from hitting him. There has to be more to his story. I know Ridge was quite the cad back in the day so who knows who he could have gotten pregnant. I would have much rather seen Liam turned out to be Thorne’s son if they wanted to make him related to the Forrester’s or how about Kristen or Felicia’s son. Did Ridge really need another kid? I don’t think so. Do you really believe Liam is Ridge’s son?

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    I think he’s gonna turn out to be Thorne’s son. The minute Thorne walked into the office on Monday’s episode it just made more sense that he would be his son. Dollar Bill having a kid wouldn’t do much to the story. Pitting Ridge against Thorne would be more where their children are concerned would be more soapy.

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    You know I think Scott Clifton and Winsor Harmon could pass as son and father. I noticed they looked a like in the brief scene that Thorne was in.

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    I think it would be interesting if he was Nick’s son. Nick has been trying for kids for so long, it would be a good twist if there has always been a kid out there, but Liam’s mom didn’t think that Nick would be a good dad.

    That being said, it is probably going to be Ridge’s kid, he was a slut in his 20’s.

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    I say Thorne will be the happy Daddy. ALTHOUGH, it would be great to see $B becoming a father, being that he and his never had the Father/Son relationship he desired.

    On second thought… I prefer Steffi to deliver $B with his first born, how soapy would that be? YAY! A gal can dream!

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