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    Ok so Jamey and I were chatting on twitter the other day and I asked him his thoughts on B&B and where he would go with the show. He admitted that he was currently enjoying B&B and then he went on to tell me where he would go with the show next. For those on twitter following him he gave us a nice treat on where he would take B&B from the fallout of Brooke sleeping with Oliver. Below I will be posting the juicy storylines he would do with B&B. I hope you all Enjoy them as much as I did. It’s very long so sit back and enjoy it.

    1. @SmittyHPU I would use this latest Brooke scandal to reshuffle the canvas. I would break up Brooke and Ridge. Have him go after Taylor. But I would have Taylor say “no dice” and remain committed to Whip. Ridge would then fight for Taylor. Steffy would decide to help things along by planning to try to seduce Whip. This would show Taylor how disturbed her daughter has become Taylor would then say enough is enough, she didn’t raise Steffy to act this way. She would also clash with Stephanie. I’d have Ridge and Brooke’s divorce be extremely messy, with Stephanie encouraging him to fight for sole custody of RJ. When Ridge goes along with his mother, it brings back the Old Brooke Logan. She vows to fight just as hard as the Forresters. Ridge would keep trying to woe Taylor, saying he wants to raise RJ with her. Nick would step up to help Brooke fight Ridge for RJ. I’d have Owen and Bridget fall in love and Jackie decide to let Owen be with his family. Agnes would resent Brooke’s renewed presence in Nick’s life and ask why can’t the Logan women leave him alone? Jackie and Whip would bond over their marital woes. Taylor is fighting the good fight, but still drawn to Ridge. Hope would decide to become a bad girl once the news about Brooke and Owen is out. She goes out drinking, flirting w/older men. Thomas would see Hope out at a dive bar, and force her to come home with him, before she can get into trouble. Climax of arc would be at the custody battle for RJ. Stephanie brings Deacon Sharpe back to town to testify about the affair.
    I would have Brooke’s attorney (Michael Baldwin from Y&R) dredge up all of Ridge’s sordid mistakes. Michael would reveal Ridge sleeping w/Caroline, sleeping w/Brooke when she was married to Eric, raping Brooke, all w/flashbacks. In the end Brooke would keep custody of RJ and vow to move on from her toxic involvement w.Ridge, but now she has a new problem.
    Deacon is back and he wants to get to know Hope. Nick vows to keep Deacon away from Hope. Whip sees Taylor still loves Ridge. Whip and Jackie make love. Taylor is devastated by Whip leaving her and ends up at a bar, where she runs into Deacon. Owen proposes to Bridget. When Owen’s twin reads about his engagement to the heiress, a scheme develops in his twisted mind.
    Donna and Justin would find their way together, just as his bitch on wheels ex-wife shows up in L.A. Justin’s wife, a former magazine editor named Savannah, has a secret past w/ Bill Spencer. Savannah (think Robin Givens) seduces Marcus to drive a wedge between Justin and Donna’s newfound family. She also flirts w/Bill. Stephen Logan and Pam would marry and leave town. Katie would become pregnant, but her heart may be to weak to allow her to carry. I would tell a really sweeping ‘Love Story” style saga of Katie wanting to carry her child to term, even though it could kill her. She knows Bill wants desperately to be a dad, because of his own father/son issues. The Logans would beg her to terminate.
    I would reconect Amber to Rick and Thomas. She has history w/both. Of course I would want to recast Thomas. Rick and Thomas would become ultimate rivals, over Amber and Forrester Creations.I’d replace Drew Tyler Bell with Tom Pelphrey.
    Nick and Brooke would fall back in love, and Brooke would decide to start her own company with Donna and Katie. Bridget and Owen would go to work at Forrester, with Bridget now clashing w/Steffy. Only this time, Steffy’s met her match. Owen’s twin would keep him prisoner in an abandoned warehouse, while pretending to be him. Owen’s twin would start lacing Bridget’s drinks with mercury. He wants to have her committed and get her trust fund. “Owen” would begin a raunchy affair w/Steffy.
    As Eric and Stephanie settle comfortably into remarriage and retirement, a wild child, teenage Alexandra shows up. She has ran away from boarding school. Thorne tracks her to LA and agrees to let her stay with her grandparents. RJ is SORAS’ed to a confused teenager. He befriends JJ, the child of Justin Barber, that Savannah never told him she bore.

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    Justin’s mother, Angelique, played by Diahann Carroll, visits L.A.. Angelique loathes Donna. I would tell a reverse racisim story with Angelique Barber not wanting her son with a white woman. Anqelique maintains that nothing good can come from blacks mixing with whites, devastating Justin and Donna. When Angelique meets Eric Forrester at a party, the two both look as if they’ve seen ghosts. Kristen Forrester (as played by Maura West) moves home, divorced. When Angelique spies her flrting w/Justin she panics. She warns Justin to stay away from Eric Forrester’s daughters. Stephanie runs into Angelique and thinks she looks familiar, but can’t quite place her. Angelique Barber beats a hasty retreat. Desperate to get away from the party before Eric or Stephanie recognize her. She’s changed so much over the years, thanks to the nose job, the porcelain veneers, the contacts in place of glasses, but she still can’t risk them remembering who she once was to them. Angelique tells Savannah she needs to step up her plan to seduce Justin and convince him to leave LA with Savannah and JJ. JJ wonders why RJ acts so weird in the locker room after basketball practice.

    Oliver is desperate to win Hope back, but she’s enjoying her walk on the wild side. “Owen” takes notice. Bridget discovers “Owens” affair w/ Steffy and is devastated. She kicks him out of the Forrester compound. Meanwhile the real Owen escapes. Steffy realizes she’s pregnant. Deacon tells Bridget he wants another chance. Deacon and Bridget begin to make love. “Owen” acts as if he could care less when Steffy tells him she’s pregnant. He has other things on his mind. Pissed that his plan to drive Bridget insane didn’t work, “Owen” decides to kill her before she can divorce him. As the real Owen is heading home to save Bridget, he is hit by a drunk driving Hope, who’d been out partying in West Hollywood. As the real Owen is rushed to the hospital in a coma. The fake one asks Bridget to meet him to discuss their marriage and son. Deacon warns Bridget against going, but she says she needs closure. Owen’s twin has taken out a $50 million dollar insurance policy on Bridget. He asks her to meet him at Nick Marone’s boat. Bridget wonders why on Earth “Owen” wants to meet at the boat, and wonders why Nick would even still let him use it.

    Hope is shocked to learn she ran over her sister’s “husband”. She frantically tries to call Bridget from the hospital. Bridget ignores her sisters calls and texts. Usually all Hope wants to do is bitch about Brooke, and she doesn’t have time. Bridget heads to the boat to faceoff with her cheating “spouse” one last time. “Owen “plans the scene of Bridget’s “accident”. Just before the real Owen slips into a coma, he tells Hope about his twin taking over his life and that Bridget is in danger. Hope keeps texting and calling Bridget. She even decides to call Brooke, whom she still isnt’ speaking to. Brooke is elated to see Hope’s number on her cell. She rushes to pick up, hopeful. Brooke is stunned by what Hope tells her. Brooke calls Deacon, who tells her Bridget has gone to meet “Owen” to discuss their divorce. Brooke is terrified. She tells Deacon they have to stop Bridget from meeting with “Owen”. He wants to kill her. Deacon heads out on his way to Owen’s apartment. Nick shows up at Brooke’s, says Owen asked to borrow his boat. Nick reveals he and Owen had made ammends. Nick just wants Bridget happy. Brooke tells Nick, “Owen” isn’t Owen. Nick and Brooke race to the boat. Brooke calls Deacon, tells him Bridget is at the boat, not Owen’s apt. A Daddy Yankee song plays as Nick, Brooke and Deacon race to save Bridget from Owen’s twin. “Owen” offers Bridget a drink. She says she isn’t there to socialize. She says it’s over. He says it isn’t over until he says so. As Nick and Brooke race to the marina, tears streaming down her face. She prays to “Stormy” and her Mom that Bridget will be safe. Brooke begins to flashback over her daughter’s life. Remembering her birth, her as a little girl. One of her weddings. Nick mutters a near silent prayer of his own. Recalls his tortured past with Brooke’s eldest daughter. CUT TO: Deacon gunning his sports car across LA. He vows to be the kind of man Bridget deserves this time, if he gets the chance. Bridget tells “Owen” her coming there was a mistake. She turns to leave. He grabs her arm, roughly. Bill and Katie show up at the hospital to be with Hope. She fills them in on everything, bursting into tears in Katie’s arms. One of those lame police detectives shows up to question Hope, saying her blood alcohol levels were over the limit. Hope is arrested and charged with DUI. She’s told if Owen dies, it could be upped to murder. Bill and Katie tell her not to worry, they are on their way behind the cops to bail her out. Everything will be okay. Hope is worried about Owen. Who will be there for him? He has no family. Katie calls Jackie. As they are about to walk out the hospital, a pregnant Katie becomes dizzy. Bill asks her if she’s alright. Says she’s fine. Before they can leave the hospital, Katie passes out. Katie is rushed to the ER, where it is revealed she’s experiencing congestive heart failure. Bill, understandably forgets all about Hope, who has to spend the night with hookers, thieves and druggies in LA County jail. Bridget tells “Owen” he’s hurting her. He tells her not to worry. So she’ll be pain free—forever. The doctors tell Bill, Katie’s pregnancy is putting too much strain on her heart. It’s either the baby’s life or Katie’s. Bill makes the gut wrenching decision to terminate Kate’s pregnancy.

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    Bridget tries to leave again, and “Owen” roughly grabs her by her hair, telling her she isn’t going anywhere. Bridget screams. “Owen” covers Bridget’s mouth, grabs her in a choke hold around the neck and literally begins dragging her out on the boat’s deck. Brooke and Nick are about three miles up from the Marina, when they hear a loud popping noise and the car goes off the road. “Owen” takes Bridget out on the deck as she attempts desperately to fight against him. An elderly man on a neighboring boat looks through his binoculars. He thinks something is fishy, but it’s too dark to tell. When he gets a good visual of a man looking like he’s trying to push a woman over board, he decides to call the marina police. Nick starts to change the flat. Brooke says there isn’t time and takes off running the rest of the way. Nick yells from Brooke to wait for him. He starts off, then decides it best to take the tire iron with him, just in case. Brooke kicks off her shoes and runs along the marina, barefoot, heading for Nick’s boat. Deacon sees Nick running after Brooke and blows his horn for Nick to get in. Fueled by a mother’s love, Brooke Logan makes a beeline for the boat. Determined to save her child.

    Hope Logan sits on a bench in lockup, tears streaming down her face. ‘Where are Uncle Bill and Aunt Katie?” she wonders. After terminating Katie’s pregnancy at almost four months along, the doctor asks Bill if he wants to see his child.
    Pick up with Owen’s twin struggling to tie a rope around a screaming Bridget. He plans to push her in and watch her drown. Brooke sees this. Deacon is barely able to park his car before Nick is out the door, racing for the boat. Brooke makes her way onto the boat. Her first instinct is to run out on deck, but she stops. Looks for something, anything to fight with. “Owen” thrusts Bridget into the icy water. Deacon hears her screams as he follows Nick on foot. Brooke spies a harpoon gun.

    Katie comes to. Wants to know what happens. A tearful Bill tells her she went into cardiac arrest, but she’s going to be fine now. Katie wonders if the baby is okay? Where is Hope? Is she alright? Bill chokes back tears. He tells her he forgot about Hope. Katie struggles to sit up . Someone has to go get Hope out of jail, she reasons. Bill gently gets her to lie back down. He says he will call Donna and Justin to go retrieve Hope. She needs her rest. Katie again asks about their baby? Her heart attack didn’t hurt her did it?

    Brooke makes her way out onto the deck and sees Bridget in the water. Screams her name. Owen’s twin turns around and rushes toward her. Brooke aims the harpoon gun and shoots. Deacon and Nick make it on deck just in time to witness Brooke shooting “Owen” with the harpoon gun. Nick asks Brooke if she’s alright. She says she is, begs them to save Bridget. Deacon jumps in the water. Owen’s twin tied weights to the rope, Bridget is sinking, panicking. Deacon struggles to free her from what would be a watery grave. Nick is comforting Brooke. Brooke tells him to help save her daughter. Nick jumps into the waters, swims down to meet Deacon and Bridget. Working together, Deacon and Nick manage to free Bridget and the trio swims back to the surface. Bridget isn’t breathing. Brooke hears sirens. The police the neighbors called have made it.

    In jail, a big, burly girl with a faux hawk compliments Hope on how purty and pink she is. Hope withdraws inward. A transvestite hooker played named Aquanisha tells the big, burly girl to beat it before she has to cut a bitch. Aquanesha, played by RuPaul, serves as Bridget’s jailhouse god drag queen. “It’s okay little, rich white girl. “Neesha got your back!” Hope rests her head on Aquanesha’s bosom, just paid for by her pimp Carmine and cries her eyes out. How did it come to this? Donna and Justin show up to bail Hope out of jail. Hope gets up, hugs Aquanesha and tells her if she ever needs anything to look her up.

    The police make their way onto Nick’s boat. They find a harpooned Twin of Owen, and a frantic Brooke Logan. Brooke asks them to call an ambulance. For this guy? No need, he’s dead. No, Brooke says, for her daughter. The police help Nick and Deacon get an unconscious Bridget out of the water. Nick begins doing CPR as Deacon and Brooke look on helplessly. Katie asks Bill again. Is their baby alright. Why isn’t he answering her. Twin tears stream down Bill’s face.

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    Cut to: Donna and Justin are driving Hope home. Donna asks Hope why on Earth she was driving drunk? Hope says she’ll tell them everything they want to know later, but first she needs to know if Bridget is okay? Bridget? Donna repeats? What’s wrong with Bridget? How much more can go wrong for her family in one episode? Jackie is there for the real Owen when he regains consciousness. Whip looks on nervously as the exes share a tender moment. Cut to: Bridget spitting like a gallon of yucky sea water up all over her Forrester Creations blouse. OMG, you saved her! Brooke exclaims. Bridget looks up into Nick’s eyes. Deacon, rushes to kneel by his lover’s side. Nick slowly rises to stand by Brooke and puts his arm on her. The black police officers who only work cases involving the Forresters and Logans have some questions. What happened here tonight? Why is the Spectra male model shish kabobed on the deck of Nick Marone’s boat? Brooke informs the black cops who only come on whenever the Forresters or Logans commit a crime that it isn’t Owen. It’s his evil twin.

    The ambulance arrives to take Bridget to the hospital. Deacon is going to ride with her. It looks as if Nick wants to as well. Brooke is elated her daughter is alive, yet unnerved slightly over Nick’s reactions to everything. Is he really over Bridget? Hope fills her aunt and Justin in on how Owen told her his evil twin had kidnapped him after she ran him dow like a stray blade of grass. Donna makes shocked, overacting expressions. Donna gets a call on her cell. It’s from Brooke. Bridget is alright Faux Owen is dead, they are on their way to the hospital. Katie demands one last time. What has happened to her child? Bill tells her he had no choice—it was either her or the baby. Katie isn’t comprehending. She raises the blanket and is devastated at her nearly flat stomach. Her baby is gone. Katie loses it. Bill rushes to comfort her. She rails at him, screaming for hm not to touch her, ever again. “You killed my baby!” The doctor rushes in. He says Katie’s heart is still weak. She can’t be stressed. Orders Bill to leave. Gives Katie a sedative.

    A devastated Bill runs into Whip in the hall. Whip has decided to give Jackie and Owen some space. Bill fills Whip in on Katie suffering a heart attack after Hope’s drunk driving incident. Bill and Whip are in the waiting area when Bridget is rushed in, with Nick, Deacon and Brooke in tow. Bridget is rushed to a room as Brooke and Deacon go with the doctors. Nick stays behind to compare notes with Whip and Bill. None of them can believe everything that has happened to their loved ones that night. Nick says he thanks God everyone is okay. Not everyone, Bill replies. He tells them him about Katie’s heart attack and their daughter dying. Nick is stunned. Nick offers to call Steven, where he now lives in Paris with Pam. Donna, Justin and Hope make it back to the hospital. Hope wants to know if Bridget is okay. Bill flies into a rage when he sees Hope. He tells her this is all her fault. Bill tells Hope if she hadn’t been drinking and driving, Katie never would have been so stressed out to have a heart attack. Bill lashes out that because of Hope, his baby is dead. He then calls her a selfish, little bitch. Hope crumbles. Donna tells Bill that’s enough. She can’t believe Katie had a heart attack and lost the baby! She wants to see her sister. She can’t.

    Bridget is in ICU, but the doctors say she should recover nicely. She can’t believe Owen would try to kill her. She thought she knew him. Deacon, realizing once she knows the truth, their renewed romance could be over, struggles to tell her “Owen” wasn’t Owen. Bridget doesn’t understand. Brooke helps Deacon out, explaining that Owen’s twin brother kidnapped him and switched places with him. The real Owen escaped to rescue Bridget from his brother, but was hit by Hope en route to warn Bridget about his brother. Bridget tries to process it all. Owen never cheated on her with Steffy, and didn’t father the baby she’s carrying? No, Brooke informs her. It was his (wait for it) Evil Twin. Bridget realizes that she is the one who cheated then. Bridget never would have slept with Deacon again had “Owen” not had an affair with Steffy. She wants to see Owen. Brooke tells her he’s in the hospital as well. She will go check on him. Bridget needs to rest and follow doctors orders. Bridget can barely look at Deacon. She’s started to fall for him again, but it was all based on a terrible lie. Deacon tells her they will figure everything out later. She just needs to rest. Secretly he vows not to lose Bridget again.

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    Cut to: Jackie telling Owen she doesn’t know what she would have done if anything had happened to him. He’s her best friend. Jackie and Owen embrace in his hospital bed as Brooke and Whip walk up and spy their encounter. Hope tries to tell Bill how sorry she is. She never meant for any of this to happen. He spits her apology back at her. Bill tells Hope she’s a screw up, just like her mother. Donna tells him to shut up. She knows he’s in pain, but don’t take it out on Hope. Bill tells Donna the only Logan who isn’t worthless is Katie. Justin steps to Bill with his fists clenched. Donna stands in the middle. They are interrupted by the sound of a loud beeping noise outside Katie’s room and several ppl in scrubs rushing by them into the room. Bill, Donna and Hope rush to the room, but are kept out by a nurse. Katie’s heart is failing! Brooke says to Jackie and Owen she hopes she isn’t interrupting. Owen looks happy to see her. Asks about Bridget. Did hs brother hurt her? Jackie steps back from the bed. Says she will leave Brooke to talk to her son-in-law. Whip and Jackie head for the waiting area. Brooke fills Owen in on everything. Owen wants to see Bridget. He says the only thing that’s kept him sane all these months is Bridget. Brooke flashes to seeing Deacon comforting and caressing Bridget at the boat, as they got into the ambulance, at the hospital. Now that the Real Owen was back, what would it mean for Bridget and Deacon?

    Pick up on Eric and Stephanie Forrester arriving at the hospital. Eric wants to see Bridget immediately. Cut to: Whip saying to Jackie that she seemed to be really shaken over Owen.Is she really over him? Jackie tells Whip of course she’s over him, but she still cares for him, the same way he cares for Taylor. Stephanie walks up to interrupt them. She tells them she can’t believe everything that has happened that night. Owen’s twin tried to kill Bridget. The real Owen escaped captivity to rescue her but was ran over by a drunken Hope. Katie’s heart attack. Stephanie says the Logans are truly cursed. Brooke hears this, says if they are cursed, she did it! Stephanie tells Brooke she didn’t come there tonight to fight. Brooke asks her why did she come? Stephanie tells her because Bridget is Eric’s daughter, and she’s there to support him. Brooke agrees, Bridget IS Eric’s daughter. Which makes her not just a Logan, but a Forrester and there isn’t a damn thing Stephanie can ever do or say to change that. Eric comes over to ask what is going on. Steph says as usual Brooke is being irrational. Brooke counters, as usual Steph is being a bitch. Eric tells them both that’s enough. Deacon comes out and tells Brooke and Eric that Bridget is asking for her mom and dad. Brooke makes a point of taking Eric’s hand in front of Stephanie before walking off to see their daughter. Stephanie glares. Anyhoo, Clarke’s doctor son is back (played by Brett Claywell). He is now the best cardiologist in Los Angeles. He’s working on Katie.

    Cut to: Steffy just arrived at her parents house for a family dinner. Ridge and Taylor want to announce they are back together. Taylor, Ridge and Steffy are stunned when Thomas arrives with Amber. Taylor makes Ridge promise to be nice. Ridge has filled Taylor in on all the unspeakable things Amber did, but Taylor still has a soft spot. Steffy makes a pot shot about how Amber keeps going back and forth between Rick and Thomas. Amber asks how Steffy’s unplanned pregnancy by Bridget’s husband is going. Just as the Forrester family dinner is about to turn into the Forrester Family Food Fight. Stephanie calls. Stephanie informs Taylor of everything that’s happened. Taylor gets off the phone. Says she needs to talk to Steffy. Cut to: Back at the hospital Eric and Brooke go in to see their little girl, who is grateful to be alive. Bridget tells her parents how confused she is. She loves Deacon, but she never would have gotten back with him if she knew about Owen’s twin. She doesn’t know who she wants to be with, her husband, or her first love? Eric tells her she doesn’t have to worry about that tonight. Brooke flashes to seeing Owen embracing Jackie and how tender they were looking at one another. She wonders if Owen will make the choice. Dr. Mark informs Bill Katie needs an operation to repair the damage from the heart attack, but she’s currently too weak. Bill tells him he better do whatever it takes to save his wife, or he’ll be handing out popsicles at a nursing home. Mark tells Bil he will do his best, but the strain the pregnancy put on Katie’s heart made her a ticking time bomb. Donna overhears.

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    Jamey Giddens needs to replace Brad Bell.

    Great Stuff! Can’t wait for the rest!

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    Wait just a minute…. recast EMMY WINNER Drew Tyler Bell???

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