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    Here is what I would love to see happen:

    Thomas realizing that having controlling interest in Forrester Creations is not worth all of the trouble he has caused via Stephanie’s big grand “LIE” to rid the Forrester Family of Brooke. So, he (unbeknownst to Stephanie) secretly audio and video tapes a conversation he has with Stephanie. Once it is done, he sends the audio and videotaped copies to Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke (while keeping copies for himself as back up insurance). Once everyone finds out what Stephanie did to Brooke, Ridge as CEO of Forrester Creations fires his Mother from the company, Eric dumps and divorces Stephanie for the umpteenth time.

    Brooke then turns around and shuts the foundation she set up for Stephanie down for good with a press release. She then turns around and hires a high profile attorney to sue Stephanie and Thomas for character assassination, defamation of character, libel, and slander for millions of dollars. She also sues Forrester Creations for her BeLieF formula as well as Brooke’s Bedroom Line and takes both to Forrester’s fashion industry enemy, Jackie M. Ridge tries to get her back but she tells him to get lost and stay with the sanctimonious bitch that Taylor is and to never have any contact with her ever again. Hope also leaves Forrester and takes the Hope For the Future line as well to Jackie M. Thomas ends up leaving Forrester Creations in disgrace and hides out until the ugly mess all dies down. Marcus, also disgusted leaves Forrester Creations as well and ends up taking Justin’s last name and goes to work for Justin and Bill at Spencer Publications and writes his first scathing article about the entire scandal in “Eye on Fashion” which further puts Forrester Creations in the red as they lose more and more clients and end up in financial ruin.

    Pam, clearly disturbed by what her sister Stephanie did to Brooke and Ridge’s marriage, decides to quickly marry Stephen and the both of them leave LA and move to Paris for good. Dayzee, also completely disgusted by what Stephanie and Thomas did, removes any trace of Stephanie from her coffee shop, bans the Forrester family along with Stephanie and Thomas from ever coming into Dayzee’s again. Stephanie, now broke and penniless, is living on skid row (how’s that for poetic justice). One day, it is raining so hard in LA that Stephanie stumbles into Dayzee’s and asks for a cup of coffee. But Dayzee will have none of it and tells Stephanie to beat it and to steer clear of Dayzee’s. With no clothes, money, food, or medical care, Stephanie ends up dying from lung cancer. No one bothers to claim her body much less have a funeral for her. (This ends up ushering Susan Flannery off of B&B so that she can retire from the acting business and move to Australia to be with her daughter).

    So, what do you all think?!

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    LOL :D This was hilarious to read.

    Sadly I don’t think this is the way it’s going to happen. When the truth comes out Stephanie will probably be forgiven quicker than she should, Brooke will crawl back to Ridge and in another year or so we will be getting Round 10 000 of the Ridge/Brooke/Taylor triangle. UGH!!!!!!!!!!

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