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    Ok. I just finished watching the weeks worth of B&B and yet again, Steffy got a very meaty scene and seemed to be like a fish out of water, flopping around. Heather Thom acted rings around her and didn’t even have to raise her voice.  When she was "busted" by Katie for the kiss between her and Bill, we should have seen her go from shock/suprise to remorse (at least pretend) to being angry upset because Katie fired her.  All we got was .. "oh no, it won’t happen again.. blah blah blah blah blah blab. I want Katie to hurt like we hurt. Newflash #1…  Katie is not the reason your grandfather lose the company, Katie didn’t take anything from them. "

    Then we were treated to the crazy messed up scene between her and Thomas where she started ranting about how she was going all of this for revenge and talking about how Forresters was their legacy.  Newflash #2.. Steffy, you’re not a real Forrester and you should be ticked with your grandfather, Eric, who didn’t handle his business right.  It seems that Bell doesn’t know what to do with the character and is putting her in everyone’s orbit to see if she has chemistry with anyone.  Newflash #3.. she has no chemistry with anyone on the show.!

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    Preach it!  She actually hasn’t been as bad as she was… the worst was when she was opposite Rick, IMO. Ugh, that was too much. Nevertheless, I agree, I’m not a major fan…

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    She’s a perfect cast in terms of her appearance, she so looks like Tay.  And she has been a bit better lately.   I just loathe the idea of her with Bill.  No thanks.

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    True, appearance-wise, she is a very good fit… unlike Curly Sue Phoebe the shrieking warbler…

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    she is just awful. i don’t care if she looks like taylor, she needs to go. she thinks she is formidable against anybody & she just flops. i’ll take almost anybody instead of her.

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