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    As I watched, I said to myself, "There’s no way they’ll go there; it’s just a nod to GH fans–a red herring."  But, alas, I was wrong.  Carly, uh, I mean Agnes, had an argument on a staircase and took a tumble, putting her unborn child in harm’s way.

    For those of you not experiencing the deja vu I am, here’s what happened before (check out the 2:10 mark):

    At least the B&B fall was better.

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    Carly (now played by Laura Wright) and Sarah Brown’s Claudia Zacharra also fell down a flight of stairs earlier this year putting both their pregnancies at risk.

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    True, EET.  Poor SJB.

    The other day, Forever8 posted some suggestions for Top 5 lists.  Maybe "Top 5 Staircase Falls by Pregnant Women" should be added to the list. (Hee, Hee.)

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    LOL all the slots would be SJB as…..

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     Is there only one writer out there and everyone is cheating off of his/her script?  There is nothing original anymore!

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    I know.

    How much sense does it make to hire someone from another soap, presumably because their popularity will draw viewers, only to bore said viewers to tears with a storyline they’ve already seen? 

    Of course it could be worse.  B&B could be doing what GH is–rewriting history and having everyone behave completely out of character with no regard to continuity whatsoever.  Then again, having someone (like Stephanie) behave out of character might not be a bad thing for B&B at this point.

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    I am guessing the story is going to be did Bridget push her or didnt she.  I wonder if Sandy will claim she did.  Who will Nik believe. 

    I really hope they dont go that route – I would like to see Sandy be the heroine. 

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    I was thinking the same thing.  But, as much as I agree that having "Saggy" be the heroine would be nice, there’s no denying that SJB is GREAT at being bad.  I’m really annoyed by the shrew Bridget has become and would love to see her get taken down a peg by having no one believe she didn’t cause the accident.

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    I guess I am a bit baffled by Bridget..yes, Sandy lied but she didnt do it to be malicious and yes, her behavior chasing the photog rapist up to the roof did put the baby at risk, but again that clearly wasnt her intent, but rather completely instinct.  I also feel like the whole professing her love for Nik was all about the emotion of the evening and her gratitude for him more than anything else.  Bridget SHOULD have cautioned Nik that any girl "saved" in that way would have an attachment that she might not intend, so Nik could be certain not to inadvertantly encouraged her, and I get being angry, but being so downright vicious for weeks was so over the top.  I also didnt get Owen being so totally insensitive.  Jackie at least saw both sides as does nik, Owen didnt even consider Sandy/Aggies feelings or motivations at all.  Plus she didnt exactly hold a gun to Nik’s head or Brookes- either one of them COULD have told Bridget at any time.

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    EET –

    I agree that Bridget’s reaction has been pretty over-the-top.

    It’s been said more than once that Bridget is insecure because of her history with Nick.  If that were really true, why isn’t the bulk of her anger being taken out on Nick as opposed to Agnes?  And, even though she has every reason to be angry at a surrogate who lied on her profile, the minute she found out what happened to Agnes, she should have had some compassion for a woman who had been dealing with the aftermath of being violated.

    People can say what they want to about Brooke, but I think she showed appropriate empathy for Agnes, since she knows from personal experience how difficult it is to manage all of those feelings.

    All the events that have taken place surrounding Bridget lately have been a bit of a head-scratcher for me.  It’s like the writers are desparate to throw Owen and Bridget together, using the flimsiest of excuses to do it.  To me that stinks because, despite their age difference, I really like Jackie and Owen as a couple.

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    The only "pregnant woman takes a tumble down the stairs" storyline that I have ever found to be even REMOTELY entertaining was when Annie Dutton grabbed Reva’s hand and flung HERSELF down the staircase after her baby had ALREADY DIED back in 1997, and then claimed that Reva had pushed her…….(sweet memories!!) That storyline was MAGNIFICENTLY written, and it seems that since then I have been subjected to at least one retread of this sort of plot per year, and I am not sure how many times it was done in the 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s….Probably countless times!!!!

    Frankly, I don’t understand why the soap executives have the idea that WOMEN, who are STILL the target soap audience, actually ENJOY watching pregnant women fall down stairs.

    BTW: GH also had Faith push Elizabeth down a flight of stairs and cause her miscarriage, I believe, a few years ago.

    Bottom line: It makes ME uncomfortable to watch pregnant women falling down stairs, and I am a MALE without a uterus!!! I can only imagine how females feel!!!

    Sidenote:  That RIDICULOUS water fight between Brooke and Taylor gave me MORE deja’ vu……I flashbacked to Krystle and Alexis rolling around in the mud. I could have SWORN that they cancelled "Dynasty"??? Still love a good catfight, but……………

    Other sidenote: Hunter Tylo, NO MORE plastic surgery for you!! Consider yourself banned, sweetie!!!

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