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    Ok Friday’s B&B was an action packed episode. The ending with Stephanie shooting Stephen and then saying to him “Say hi to Beth for me!” was good tv! My mouth hit the floor when Stephanie shoot him! I totally thought she was going to be shot by him so I was floored when she shot him.

    I really am enjoying the Pam/Stephen/Stephanie storyline. Talk about good stuff, but I do have one gripe with the storyline. It has to be the pacing of the storyline. Why is Brad Bell rushing through the storyline? Slow it down! There is no need to rush this storyline. I would have liked to see the storyline of Stephen seducing Pam play out over a few months and slowly taking it’s time to build up the relationship. I think Patrick Duffy and Alley Mills have amazing chemistry. Mixing that with Susan Flannery’s always on point potrayal of a sister fighting to save her sister from Stephen and you have nothing but fireworks!

    B&B please slow your storys down. No need to rush them along. Especially when they are actually good! What are your thoughts on Pam/Stephen/Stephanie Storyline?

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