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    Ok we need all your votes. Team Taylor or Team Brooke….please click on this link and post your votes.

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    Team Taylor all the way. I hope Brooke does boink Thomas – isnt it a right of passage of sorts for all the men in the family to get a shot at Brooke? LOL

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    The same way it’s a “rite of passage” for Taylor to boink every man in Brooke’s family and every man she even thinks Brooke has been with, including Whip? (We won’t even mention the numerous strangers she picked up in bars when she was on her binders.) If Taylor found out Brooke never slept with Whip she’d probably push him out of the door faster than she’s getting ready to if she even thinks she smells a chance to drug Ridge up and marry him again. Love, doesn’t matter to the jealous harpy you know.

    Team -Brooke.

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    Except Taylor pushed Whip AWAY in the beginning because of the Brooke past and Whip said they really werent much of anything.

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    Spoken like a true Brooke fan, a lot of hot air and nothing behind it. Brooke is the skank-ho giving the Valley a bad name, her whole family are parasites and gold-digging tools who have achieved nothing but destruction in their miserable trails. Don’t even go there with Whip, anyone who watched the show when he helped ms Hogan out would never have made such a simplistic attempt to try and bring Taylor down. BORING! When will the Brookies come up with logical reasoning for standing behind their heroine? Alone the fact that she didn’t kick WIDGE to the curb for being such an infantile little twat during the past week is more than enough reason for even her fans to say oh hell no.

    Whatever… as you may have guessed… this vote goes to TEAM DOUGLAS-HAYES. For what that is worth with all the rewriting of characters these days.

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