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    Okay, so I watched the two episodes (Tuesday and Wednesday of this week) of B&B doing another really good social issue storyline about foster kids who age out of the system. However, when you compare this storyline to the homeless storyline that they did last fall, I just don’t see B&B repeating again this year as Outstanding Drama Series when it comes to the Emmys. It was a good storyline, short and sweet but I don’t think it was nearly as strong as the homeless storyline that they did last year.

    What are your thoughts?!

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    It was a great story, just like the homeless story, and I agree it wasn’t AS great as the homeless story.

    BUTTT…I definitely see another emmy for B&B next year. And I actually think they might deserve it. Aside from the sex berries and this Hope/Liam/Steffy stuff, B&B has been a pretty even show this past year. IDK…maybe I been partaking of the berries myself, but I’ve been enjoying the show all year….whodathunkit???

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    B&B doesn’t deserve an Emmy this year and should be forced to give their others back. Brad Bell is a hack which has sucked any semblance of soap opera out of this show, much like MAB has done at Y&R. I thought I’d never see the day I want anyone but a Bell writing these once iconic daytime dramas.

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    I liked both of them. My issue with the homeless story is I would have liked to have seen something done like that when I first started watching B&B in the early 90s when Eric left Stephanie, Stephanie had the stroke losing her memory, and was living on the streets with Ruthanne.
    That was one of my favorite storylines ever on any show and I thought they might have gone in that awareness direction when Stephanie got home and her memory back.


    I always knew that when Bill Bell died that it would be end of the glory days for his soaps.

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