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     Brooke and Taylor!

    They hyped this catfight up all week with the promos and I was on edge waiting to see it.  Then I tune in and it starts off good with Taylor pushing Brooke in there but then it was like two little kids splashing around in the water.  I mean they should have went back and watched the scene where Shiela and Lauren had the catfight in the water.  Now that was a catfight.  This one with Brooke and Taylor was overhyped and needs to never be done again!

    What are your thoughts on the catfight?

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    Yeah, I thought we left Krystle and Alexis Carrington in the 1980s…….clearly, I was wrong!!!! Brad Bell really needs to come up with some NEW and INTERESTING rivalries, concepts and ideas……….BROOKE AND TAYLOR should have ended back in the 90s. Why he keeps trying to rehash this tired rivalry is beyond me!!

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    I must have gone to the kitchen to get a snack on Friday because I missed the "cat fight" so I just went onto the CBS website and watched it.  All I can say is:  If TBTP were so concerned about the actresses’ well-being, why didn’t they use stunt doubles?  This was clearly a case of KKL and HT trying to keep from hurting themselves, which is understandable but certainly does not make for good television. 

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    I’m sorry, I hate to say it but I have to. . .when Taylor was all wet she looked like Octomom.

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    Taylor looked better than that wet Rat that resurfaced from the water!

    I also have to say that I really loved Dynasty.. I predicted this scene twice and see there… true to BnB of old, we got the mud fight with James and now the pond fight alone.

    That is why I love BnB, they saw the attraction that Alexis and Crystal brought in and then they brought in the red-headed brit Sable.  BNB took that magic and made a daily out of it. Jackie, Stephanie, Brooke and Taylor… classic Dynasy! And now we have Sammy Jo and Fallon in the form of Stuffit (Steffi) and Ghostly (Hope).

    When they started off, the whole show was about glamore and wealth, they know why the fans tuned in.. and that is because Dynasty was the hit! I watched from the very first episode from both and stayed with Dynasty to the bitter end. It was bitter for me because there were so many open questions that never were answered. 

    BnB came along and I also watched from the first episode— it isn’t Oil but FC and see there…………………. yep… they got me and millions of Dynasty fans to stay tuned.  It doesn’t get soapier than Dynasty!Bring on more… I am happy for everything Dynasty I can get!  BnB rocks!

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