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     Are we really suppose to just sit by and watch while Nick paws Sandy and Bridget is left in the dark?
    Is this what they are doing with AJ?  No wonder she does other work.  I just caught up on the shows and Bridget is still
    just being used as a prop….when, oh when are they gonna give her the story they keep promising in the magazines and such.

    I’m hoping Flash Forward stays on the air so we can see her character return.

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    This certainly can not be what she re-signed for…. this is pitiful!

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    I will hate it if Nick does Sandy, but we can all see it coming like a train wreck!!  Poor Bridget is doomed to be cheated on over and over and over…..

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    I think they just don’t know what to do with her.  Nicket should never have happened in the first place and it certainly never should have been resurrected. 

    TIIC blew it by not putting her with Dante. 

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    AJ is nothing more than an average actress.  I don’t see what potential is being wasted here. SB and JW have always been leading major actors. There is a reason why AJ was/is a background supporting player on Y&R and B&B. I knew that Sandy and Nick would get paired up. Bridget Forrester is the most boring character on the show. She is the white version of Lily Winters. Nicket is the least interesting couple on daytime. One of the worst mistakes in show history was ever putting them together. Nick use to be the coolest character on the show. I thought he was so entertaining in the past. He needs to get away from Boring Bridget. They bring no drama or angst to the show. We also know it’s a one sided joke. He is her true love but she isn’t his true love.

    JW and AJ have zero chemistry. Nick and Bridget are so mismatched. SB is a way better actress than AJ. It was a given that Sandy would shove Bridget to the backburner. JW also has more chemistry and works far better with SB than he does with AJ. I think Sandy and Nick come off natural together while Bridget and Nick just look so awkward. Bell needs to write out Bridget once again, end this pointless hopeless Nicket pairing, and find a way to do a Brooke/Nick/Sandy triangle in the future. Viewers would actually care and discuss this. Bricky was very popular with the fans and much loved by the critics. JW is great with either KKL or SB but it’s never worked with AJ. Brooke, Nick, and Sandy is the way to go.

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    newmanwins- you are so ridiculous.  i suppose you have the right to your opinion, so that’s fine.

    but, the chemistry between jw and aj is firey.  people – audiences- even speculated they were "friends" behind the scenes.  jack wagner and ashley jones are both the lead actors and actresses.  not sb.  my goodness- she is not a leading lady.  she would have become one right now.  aj is already doing major tv work and will move on from soaps to do huge things.  the character people love here is bridget.  i’ve read on other sites that sandy soon is back burnered.
    and bridget takes center stage where she was when the show had it’s highest ratings in the past 5 years. 

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    Why must it be one or the other.  I like AJ, but SJB is a huge daytime star. BB isnt going to land someone like SJB and back burner her – she may not be for Nik but I cant imagine she would be backburnered.

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    To me, it doesn’t have to be an either or situation. While I do think that AJ was miss-c asted in the role, she’s done a lot for what they give the character of Bridget. We all know that the writers on B&B don’t like to have strong women, they love to have them all lusting after some man that either they can’t have or don’t want.

    SB is a daytime powerhouse and brings a lot to all of the roles that she plays, however I think that B&B missed the spot on this one. The moment that they said that Whip (Rick Hearst) and she were related, that nixed of what people were talking about seeing them paired together.

    I think that instead of having Nick be the one that she’s “crushing” on, it would have been a lot better to have her “crushing” on Bridget. That way, Nick could have continued to have his questions and this time it would have been Bridget hiding something from her husband instead of vice versa.

    As for AJ, check out her IMBD page, she’s done quite a lot of shows. Not everyone can be a leading actress, there has to be someone who’s a supporting actress. Besides if there were no supporting actresses, then where would that leave the leading actresses.

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     I like the idea of SB crushing on AJ.  THat’s awesome.  Not gonna happen, though, it seems.

    I also believe AJ is a leading actress. but, that just MHO.

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    I don’t watch B&B but I do remember her as Megan on the Y&R and she was pretty good as Daphne on True Blood. She must like the steadiness of her B&B day job because it also allows her to moonlight in primetime.

    the thoery of opposites
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    I think AJ is pretty good… not the best actress on the show, but good nonetheless. I can see the point about her being B&B’s Lily Winters, just in that she’s nearly always portrayed as a wet blanket and doesn’t seem to have much spark.

    As for the Nicket "fire", sorry I can’t see that at all.

    I’d love to see AJ in a storyline where Bridget gets nutso and loses her marbles a little bit… just something a little different from the drippy doormat routine. How many times is she going to let Nick walk on her face and come back for more?!

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    AJ is a fine actress, but she really shines better when she is angry or hurt. Otherwise, the character of Bridget is just not anything special. Nothing to remember her by, except for the daughter Brooke betrayed and that’s more about Brooke and the actress who was Bridget then was JF not AJ. AJ was great as Daphne on True Blood, but that was and is a far more interesting and better character then Bridget.I remember Daphne, Bridget I don’t. She is beyond a doormat, she’s the floor beneath it. Bridget has not done anything to make me remember her. Honestly, all she does is marry Nick and then get mad at him when he has a story with another woman, while she is the floor beneath the doormat. That’s all she has done. She gets things done to her too. That’s Bridget in a nut shell. AJ is wasted on the B&B.

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    Bridget gets riled up, trashes S-Aggy and then hugs Nix? Ha? Nah…. she should leave the show or do as Darren says, get nuts. I found her overdone last week also and think it is time for her to take a look in other directions as does her man.

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    [quote=shoegal] SB is a daytime powerhouse and brings a lot to all of the roles that she plays, however I think that B&B missed the spot on this one. The moment that they said that Whip (Rick Hearst) and she were related, that nixed of what people were talking about seeing them paired together.[/quote]

    I agree.

    I check in on B&B once a week or so because, let’s face it, for a half-hour show these people can really drag things out.  But when SJB moved over to B&B from GH I had to tune in a little more.  The first thing I saw was the chemistry between RH & SJB.  They had even more attraction than they did when they were a couple (sort of) on GH.  B&B TOTALLY missed the mark there.

    The second thing I saw was that SJB absolutely dominated the screen opposite KKL who, as Brooke, has a much stronger presence than AJ’s Bridget.  Not that it’s AJ’s fault; Bridget is written as a pretty pathetic character.  Why else would she keep marrying a man who, to this day, carries a torch for her mother (or is that just my "Nick should be with Brooke and Ridge with that insipid Taylor, whom he deserves" wishful thinking kicking in?). 

    Even playing a character steeped in vulnerability opposite a grand diva like KKL, SJB still commanded the scene.  I hope they only signed her short-tern because, if not, the vet B&B performers better watch out–it’ll be her show in no time.  After all, how much more can we take of Stephanie trying to undermine Brooke and now Steffy vying for Bill’s attention opposite Katie.  No offense to HT and DD, both of whom I loved when they were on Y&R, but who cares if Steffy & Bill go off into the sunset together? 

    Give SJB a new guy (how about Jon Hensley?) and a great s/l.  B&B needs to move out of the 80’s and SJB may just be the one to help them do that.

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    Ashley Jones is a good actress, and I have been impressed with her performances lately, but Sarah Brown is the REAL standout in this storyline!! I hate to say it, but Sarah Brown can act CIRCLES around ALL the female actresses on this show, with the exception of Susan Flannery, ANY day of the week!!!!

    I just wish someone would shut Steffy up!!! What does she have to complain about??? Being young, rich, good-looking and having the entire world at her feet??? Her parents aren’t together??? Who cares, honey????!!! You are an ADULT!!! You should be more worried about your OWN sex life, and less worried about your parents’!!!!

    I think that Ashley Jones is being given a great story to play, and she is playing it wonderfully. However, whenever SB is on the screen, she ALWAYS steals my attention!!!

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    Yes, Alston… Sarah is the BOMB! I love her and now she will be getting a real storyline, I am just sooooooo anxious! I love her!

    Now you need to leave Stuffit alone..LOL!  I will agree with you in a few weeks when she and WICK start their ILUVUs again, but for now, she ROCKS! YES!

    And unfortunately we don’t meet eye to eye— again…. ::WINK:: where it concerns this lame storyline for AJ, she needs to move over to YnR or go to Primetime.. I am over the ever-suffering Budge.. it is just white-screen for me. The way she keeps on pushing Saggy is just over the top! Nix isn’t worth the hassle and if she STILL hasn’t gotten that clue, she deserves whatever she gets!

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    Today was the first time I have seen AJ in a really challenging scene and WOW…not great…not great at all.  Sorry, but she is not in the same league as SJB.  Conversely, SJB in the scene where she apologized to the unborn child – knocked it out of the ballpark.

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    Now ain’t that the truth! I mean, for me AJ is mediocre where as SB ROCKS! She is powerhouse and doesn’t even have to use any effort. I was so pissed when Saggy lost the baby and all Skag-Jr could do was to chastise her. Me, Me, Me… wah, wah………… she is just like her Slore of a mother! Really! I can’t wait for Saggy to get the video or maybe for her brother to load it online! Then hopefully Nix will come willing to her and it is over with this boring NICKET crap!

    Then, please explain to me:

    She was all up and roaring about Saggy keeping her past a secret and then having the nerve to have feeling for the man who tried to help her climb out of her darkened world………………. where the hell is her Bedside Manner?? She did well to leave medicine, she sucks as a doctor.. at least when she doesn’t google. She had no compassion for the fact that the woman is post-traumatic, none what soever! All she could see is that the woman fell for her wandering man and didn’t even have the courage to speak to the woman about it. She just put out orders, damn I am upset that the baby died, it would have been tooooooooooooooooo good for Saggy to keep the baby being that the contract was signed without open-information. I would have loved for Budget to sit there in court and look at Saggy sitting next to Nix, while the Judge told her that the baby was staying with its father and his mother. I would have loved to watch how Saggy smuggly smiled at her while she broke down on the stand and I would have loved to see her sliding down the Judge’s bank in distress– screaming out "It’s not fair, its’snot fair!" while the camera fades to a pinpoint of light on her crumbled broken image. I WOULD HAVE LOVED THAT! As payback for what she and her mother did to TAYLOR!

    But, she lucked out. I don’t believe AJ could pull that degree of dramatic acting off! WHEREAS…. SB could– left handed and blindfolded!

    Now hopefully Saggy is free to be a complete character without having that nagging bitch up in her business 24/7. BRING OUT SB in the story and character…………………… AJ ain’t shit!

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    I think things have changed a bit since she shagged Owen

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    Cyber…………… I think so, too! Now she is exposed for the silly Slore she is! LOL!

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    I think they should just put Nick with Brooke, and give Bridget a new man. 

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    I don’t think it would phase me either way, DS… Both Brooke and Nix are played out in my books.

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    Totally agree with newmanwins!

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