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    I have been watching B&B ever since its inception and I have to say in all of the 24 years I’ve watched this show, this storyline with Thomas and Brooke has to be the dumbest, stupidest, lamest storyline that Brad has ever written. I really hope that this whole island thing is over sooner rather than later………….cuz child, it’s making me reach for a barf bag!

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    Well, I love the idea of Brooke eating some “sex berries” and jumping Thomas’ bones. I wish I could switch places with Katherine Kelly Lang. Only, if I were the one jumping Adam Gregory’s bones, you could best believe I wouldn’t need an aphrodisiac, drugs, alcohol or ANYTHING to get me going. Besides, Brooke has slept with virtually every other man in LA, so I think it’s only fitting that she add Tommy to the list. It was only a matter of time. That woman’s thighs are hotter than the equator. :D :D

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    [quote=alstonboy4315That woman’s thighs are hotter than the equator. :D :D[/quote]

    Gee thanks Alston, now I’ll never get image out of my head!

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    What’s wrong with that?? Katherine Kelly Lang is a HOT woman. I have a gay-man crush on her. If I were straight, I’d TOTALLY wanna piece of that.

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    OMFG is all I can say. That episode made Passions classy. Yeah I said it. That was like some Alice in Wonderland sh*t!

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    I for one am loving the FUNKY BERRIES! Its rooted in history and it gives it a light twist that soaps so desperatly need. I like that Brad is refreshing his canvas and doing it with history and god dialog.

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    I thought it was entertaining and a nod to the psychedelic age (errr that’s my heyday. I was young though LoL) Brooke/Thomas went on a magic carpet ride..LoL They were blasted I thought it was funny.

    There are other elements of the storyline that is working for me…how they are coming together putting their differences aside again for a time of crisis, e.g. Bill/Ridge, Donna/Pam, Stephanie/Steve, also I thought the FX was not too shabby..also I found it somewhat suspenseful…and since I don’t quite know if they did the deed under the influence that’s something else to ponder….will the berries have an afterlife? Will another Purple Haze hallucination occur?

    AFter the seriousness of the homeless, cancer storyline I can roll with fantasyland; I enjoyed other aspects besides just the Strawberry field forever part e.g. Stephanie(SF) acting is always a pleasure to watch, like her and Daisy scenes, how Bill/Steffy are getting closer while Katie / Bill are getting closer. I like that Nick told them they were going in the wrong direction. I’ve watched soaps a long time so no storyline is absolute…I peel the layers off that I enjoy and focus on those.

    I still wonder why Ridge brought one bottle of water and why they didn’t write HELP right away…these little things is why professional writers get paid the big bucks. This is so silly why not just go all the way it isn’t like they have to pay anything extra i

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