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    While I admit to no further knowledge of design than have been an avid fan of Project Runway, the ‘design stealing’ plot devise on B&B recently had me thinking about the plausibility of this scheme. Let’s say that Jackie M got the designs from Forrester, why does this give them an edge? They would still need to produce the actual dresses, and they wouldn’t have the fabrics (or the superior Forrester attention to detail) in crafting the design. They would only have the shape of the dress, and let’s face it there are only so many shapes.

    I’m not even commenting on the lame (but beloved) fashion shows on B&B. I am only questioning why this plot device keeps being used over and over again if the consequences of the plot are so slim?

    It’s like the Forrester jet, Eric sold it to cover for Rick, then somehow they got it back but it crashed when Brooke and Thomas were stranded with the berries, but now they seem to have fixed the jet (which I would not want to ride in for either (1) its safety record, (2) the fact that it is piloted by the Bachelor, or (3)the various people who have humped on that plane).

    So, I throw out the question(s) to the rest of the crowd – What is the logic behind the “design stealing” plot device and what other commonly used plot devices have consequences that are far less severe than how they are portrayed on soaps?

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    B&B has always done this. Their are VERY VERY few characters that have to actually PAY for their actions. There have been faked deaths, faked heart attacks, kidnappings, faked paralysis, shootings, bear attacks, poisonings, etc…and NONE of these people technically paid for anything that they did. They always just simply bargain…like “Hey, I know you just tried to shoot me, but if you give me 10 percent of Forrester stock, I’ll look the other way”…it sounds lame, but you know what? I think I got used to it and now I just

    As for Ridge…I don’t care about him AT ALL. I think the show would be so much better without him. But anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

    I think the Forresters could just simply either buy another jet or get their other one fixed. That probably wasn’t an issue.

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