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    Cast of Characters: Abbey, Melanie, Brady, Ian, Madison, Rafe, Austin, Sami, Will, Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Carrie.

    The last two weeks have been kind of a let down mostly on Days. Slow repetitive dialogue, stories reveals that have been underwelming, Will missing for 4 days.
    But today has pushed a couple of envelopes and the dialogue was back on track. Mixing up the cast was back. And ofcourse Will is back and on edge.
    Abby and Melanie have what started out as an uneasy conversation, but ended with Abbey talking about this new guy in her life that she believes to be the real thing.
    Mixing up the cast we have Austin and Brady talking. They discuss Brady’s proposal to Madison and what she means to him. Austin wants to know what in the world he is doing telling him about it. Go tell Madison! So off he goes.
    But Madison has something going on. Ian has shown up and she is visibly upset by his sudden appearance (apparently she didn’t see his black glove the day before!)
    He wants to know whats going on in her life and she says that mostly he knows everything. She works and works and thats about it. Ian is apparently a little controling of Madison. He basically tells her what to do with every turn. He is the one she has been calling and getting advice about what to do such as whether she should accept the CEO of Kiriakis or not.
    She still wonders if that was a good idea. He assures her that it was. Madison spends the episode practically jumping out of her skin and running out the door but Ian controls that too. When Brady comes to her door, Ian answers and Brady thinks for a second that he has the wrong place. BUt no this is the right one. Is Madison here? Yes she is right here. Brady asks and who are you? I am her loving Husband Ian!
    Carrie delivers the news that according to Alamanian law, John and Hope have to go to Alamania to get their divorce. They cannot get an annulment because it is pretty common knowlege that they consummated the marriage. Since it was once thought that John was the father of Hopes son (JT) Zack. So they have to go and get it over with. They will be there for atleast two weeks!
    Finally Will shows up for that last box he left at Sami’s house. She really wants him to stay and talk. He does long enough to call her a slut and say he hates her. He also will never forgive what she did. Rafe knocks on the door and asks if he can get his phone charger. Will wants to know why he needs permission to come in. They explain that they have been having problems. When Rafe leaves Sami lets it out that Rafe was kissing Carrie. Will explodes on Sami for treating Rafe this way.
    At the Brady pub Rafe and Will catch up and Rafe wants to know what WIll knows. We will find out Monday hopefully if Will spills the beans and what will happen between Brady and Ian.
    Looks like next week is gonna be game changing for several people in Salem!

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