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    Today’s cast: Sonny, Will, Marlena, Sami, Carrie, Bo, Hope, John, Ej, Nicole, Rafe.

    Allright this week the cast of Days has been BRINGING it with fire! The Sami/ Rafe/EJ/ Nicole story has exploded and we have been exploring Marlena and Sami’s story, AND Will is moving towards dealing with his sexual issues. This was basically Friday’s episode with a little more thrown in for good measure.

    Ok I just want to start in with the Will story because well that is the meat of Days of our Lives right now. Chandler Massey is a STAR and is shining as the confused young man Will who has so much on his plate he doesn’t even know what end is up and what end is down. Last we saw him was on Thursday at a party at the invisible bar on Horton Square. (I know this set is over used but they HAVE spent so much money on it they don’t have money for any other set! so I just mostly go with it). The boys are sitting around chilling on the big sofa outside the bar drinking a beer (except Will who is underaged). Sonny and his possee(I need to remember their names), and Will. The boys are scoping out other boys as is usual in a group and talking about one in particular that one of Sonnys boys says is gonna be his next boyfriend. That same boy walks up to Will and says hi and asks him if he wants to do a beer pong. Sure Will responds impulsively. After a while, the not experienced Will gets pretty light headed from the beer and wants to go wash up. The boy follows him to the bathroom (really just the tunnel at the Horton Square.) and Will takes one look at him and decides he is supper! Will does this Brokeback Mountain attack on the kid who gets into it quickly. As they are kissing, Will realizes that this is either gonna stop or they are headed for bed, so he disengages from this boys face and turns around to see Sonny standing right there. Will runs off and Sonny follows. Will tries to blame the beer but Sonny tries to get Will to open up. Sonny says he knows what Will is going through but Will isn’t buying it and leaves.
    John and Hope are stuck at the airport for the entire episode. Both are worried that Stefano is up to something (ofcourse he is do they not see the supsicious man watching their every move?) They sit and fidget and worry and want to call their sig others and tell them whats up but they don’t. They discuss Alamania and what could be waiting there for them. The unknown factor is what is getting to them. At home both Bo and Marlena have the same worries. Marlena wonders if maybe they might turn into the pawn and Gina again. Then just as they are getting to board the plane something interesting happens. Suddenly, Hope gets really nervous and clutzy. I think for the first time as Hope she realizes that in some other paralel existance, that she has been in love with John because suddenly she is kinda looking at him funny. This is the first time that I am intrigued by what is happening. Could this trip maybe trigger some very burried feelings that John and Hope have for eachother? I mean Stefano can brainwash people but he can’t make them fall in love after all. They did that on their own. Might there be a spark of something there? We will see…..
    Sami follows Rafe to the Dimera Manse and begs him not to confront EJ. That ain’t stopping our betrayed hero. He gets no response at the front door so he tries the french doors in the living room (really do the Dimera’s have no regular guards as hated as they have, security seems to be in order.) Bursting in on EJ’s renewal proposal to Nicole who just got a wonka wonka diamond slipped on her finger, Rafe proceeds to pound on EJ until Sami and Nicole can back him off. Nicole demands to know why he is doing this but says never mind let the police work it out. EJ stops her from calling the police and Rafe fills her in on why he is beating up her husband. In an uncharacteristic move, Nicole starts crying. She trusted EJ (ok that might have been the first mistake). I felt really bad for Nicole, she had made herself vulnerable to this snake and he bit her (well fool me once shame on you does apply here) but the fact that she was so vulnerable to him and she let her guards down a little was what was so heartbreaking. I hope this brings out a little more of the old Nicole bitchiness out of her. EJ and Sami bot deserve it. In the old days she would have tag teamed with Rafe and beat the hell out of both of them! Instead she throws her ring at EJ and tells him she hates him and runs out.
    Rafe still wants blood but Sami wants to talk. Rafe is done talking he just wants vendication here. He wants to whale on EJ and he wants no part of Sami. Rafe eventually does leave and Sami tells EJ ” We have to fix this”. EJ reminds her that they are not a team and to go off and save her own marriage. Why did she tell him anyway? Did Will tell Rafe? No Will wouldn’t do that to Rafe. She thinks she knows……..
    Will is so dispondant that he doesn’t know what to do next. He rushes over to Marlena’s apartment and throws himself into his grandmothers arms and cries, “just tell me what to do?”
    Marlena calms him down and has him tell her what is upsetting him. Will recounts his evening and tells her about the beer pong (she declines the lecture opertunity). Then he tells her about the kiss. She has no resonse at all and asks him to continue. Why doesn’t she care that he kissed a boy? Isn’t she disgusted or angry or anything? Marlena responds that she cares quite alot. Do you think I am gay? he asks. She refuses to give him asnswers but says that he has been dealing with this for a long time now and it’s time he started thinking about it because she can’t tell him what is right for himself. He talks about how unhappy he is and that he can not even remember being happy. She comiserates and says that he can be happy in the future. Tjere os a pounding at the door.
    It is Sami! Why did you tell Rafe about EJ and me? she asksd Marlena

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