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    Since DC did not put up the poll let’s generate a list here in order from Best Soap being #1 to Worst Soap being #4 and why:

    1: Days Of Our Lives: At #1 for me was Days Of Our Lives. From Sami’s continued tirades and blame game caused her to make a deal with the Devil (EJ), Nicole continued to hide her pregnancy from the Devil which has caught Rafe up in her web and Rafe’s sister Gabi is the latest young Salemite to go coo-coo for coco puffs. And while I don’t care for either Drake or Kristain’s bad acting who play John & Hope, nor the them having to find a Faberge egg… Anything to see Stefano back in action works for me. Because I need to see him more than just on Monday’s and Friday’s (ya hear me!)

    The highlights of the week were Kate Sharpening her claws when she said “we’ll see how the queen of the night is…” And later confronted Marlena about Stefano. But Marlena’s keen therapeutic sense kicked in and she ended up hassling Kate about the Phoenix’s whereabouts and if he had John and Hope. And then there was Will making the admission that he thought he might want to do more with a man then play tag on the football field or that that ass slapping on the Basket ball court meant more to him then just being a sign of a good play.

    2. General Hospital: The show is making improvements and while it has a long way to go before it is the gold standard. Anything is better than the next two soaps.

    3. The Bold Virgins and the Beautiful Sluts: I try to watch it. But it is just too campy and too unrealistic for me. But obviously someone likes it. I just don’t see why they can’t have 3 storylines going on at once? Generations, Loving/The City Port Charles and Ryan’s Hope were all half hour suders and had more than one storyline going on at one time. B&B could think about that.

    4. Worst: The Young and The Restless continues it’s downward spiral as the show’s top Villains Maria Hell, Hogan Heifer and Scott Slammer continue to drive the once top-notch daytime drama into the ground. So after years of Maria blaming the dip in ratings on people being on summer vacation, numbers always being low in the fall, to now questioning the Neilsen ratings system and not her lack creativity, long story, casting everyone from Alf to Jay Jay “Dino-mite!” we have come to learn that Y&R will never be the same again. Nor will its numbers.

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