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    So on today's episode of B&B, we got a short scene where Bill brings Katie to Taylor's mansion and tells her that he BOUGHT it from Taylor for an "offer she couldn't refuse" and that now Tay is living at the beach house. BLAH BLAH BLAH Okay so here's my rant. I don't hear people talk much about Taylor on this site, but since I am a Tay-fan I can safely assume that most don't like her here, just because I'm contrary to what everyone else likes :) Anyway, I am beyond PISSED that Brad Bell has single-handedly made Taylor a non-motha-effin factor on this show. Not only did he trash any potential of storyline that Taylor has had, but he has also relegated her character to being just Steffy's mom. It's sickening. So let's just get this out of the way. HT had plastic surgery. OKAY. She's still beautiful (to me), and while her acting has changed, she still has a large fanbase and there's no denying that. So why does it seem like BRad Bell is so infatuated with the Logan girls that everyone else has to take a backseat to them? We've got Brooke who of course is one of the stars of this show so I don't mind her. Then you get Katie, who if not for the acting talents of Heather Tom would ALSO be a dead-end character. The only time Katie is relevant to anything is when Bill pisses her off and she gets to clutch her heart and flatline once or twice a year. Then you've got Donna who I've hated from the very beginning. She's just an unnecessary cartoon character with no purpose, no heart, no NOTHING. B&B has the potential to be a show with the strongest female characters…Brooke Logan, Stephanie Forrester, Felicia Forrester, Bridget Forrester, Taylor Hayes, Dayzee, etc….yet he only focuses on the annoying Hope, Steffy, and Katie. It bothers me that this show has become beyond predictable. There's NO suspense with this show. We all know the Logan gals will prevail in the end. ANd while I have nothing against them….(I've actually liked Katie in the past and I can tolerate Donna on occasion) it just infuriates me that at the end of the day, characters like Taylor, Bridget, Felicia, Amber, etc. have all taken a backseat to the Logan girls. And whether we realize it or not, when Susan Flannery leaves the show, Eric will reconnect with Donna, which we are already seeing. Which means, Brooke will have her mansion, Donna will have HER mansion, and now Katie has her mansion. Meanwhile, the others are just pushed off to the side. Hell, if I was Hunter Tylo I would phone it in too. She is given absolutely NOTHING to work with as far as storyline. People complain that Taylor and Thorne are boring, but they are NEVER EVER shown! There's a ton of storyline potential for the two of them….from the Forrester takeover story that practically writes itself, to Thorne's daughter Ally who should be around Hope's age…but nooo…instead, we have Taylor only talking to STeffy about lame ass Liam. That's all she's done, oh and she was also Katie and Bill's therapist…and that's IT!!! It's sad and disgusting, and I'm tired of Brad Bell's infatuation with certain characters. I understand that every writer (especially these days) has their favorites, but the bias is never this blatant. It's ridiculous. It was bad enough Taylor hasn't had a real storyline since she was married to Nick and drinking again…but then to move her from her mansion back to that small beach house she lived in decades ago….with little to no mention. It's sad. Okay, my venting is done. *Ducks*

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