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    Okay this show has some history too with the brown people’s (hehe…) Per Harlee there are a lot of good actors from here. Here are some selected memories.

    Tonya Pinkins who went on to play Olivia Frye on All My Children, got her start here as Heather Dalton. The scene is cheezy soapy but it is good. Starts at 2:14.

    Who could forget the Soap Opera Weekly covering interracial couple Jessica (Tamara Tunie) and Duncan. The thing about this story that was different was that they played the angle that Jessica’s brother Lamar was a black militant brotha who didn’t believe in race mixing with “da man.” This scene shows her brother spilling her secret that she and Duncan are together when he is drunk.

    Don’t forget Lauren B. Martin as Camille. This scene is where she and John go at it over her wanting to be a doctor and he believing she was spending too much time with a lowlife like Issac. Powerful scene. Why the hell did they let her go?:

    In one of my favorite scenes ever from ATWT this when Marshall (Lammon Rucker) and Jessica “do da do.” I was so mad when they destroyed their forbidden romance with the rape. Yes I remember that Soap Opera Digest cover they had. But still they were good while it lasted. And making Marshall a rapist didn’t diminish his popularity. Heck, half the popular men and women on soaps are rapist.

    Naperia Grooves played the best version of Bonnie and in this scene she makes it clear she is going to go after Marshall for raping her mother!

    Bonus: Here is Lauren Hill as Kira on the show. She could not read. Funny soaps always had some black illiterate storyline.
    Anyone can find the clips from that one sistah who came on after Camille and had baby she had with one of Dixon’s I think? Oh and share yours?

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