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    It looks like Karma is coming around and biting Brooke in the butt!  I loved how Ridge stood by his daughter, and Brooke looked at them with disbelief.  It is just like Rick all over again.  Every single incident, Brooke has always taken Rick’s side.  Now it is Ridge’s turn to take Steffy’s side.  Now Brooke finally feels what Ridge had to go through.

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    I totally and wholeheartedly agree…when she went on and on about Steffy.  I was like


    lose control?

    Brooke was a leech to the Forester family some  new viewers who aren’t familiar with the show’s history do not recall the Brook who showed up with her mom serving hors doueves at the Forester mansion wanting a piece of that pie and schemed her way into the Forester family until she got it she keeps bringing up that formula she created but that was years later.

    Brooke was not all sweetness and light when she came up on Ridge and Caroline.  She was planning to get Ridge. Brooke mattress-backed her way through most of the male lineage.

    So Steffy did the same thilng she didn’t sleep with Spencer she just played him and she told him so.

    Spencer knew he was being played he said so repeatedly in dialog…he could have KO’d her anytime.  I like the storyline he could have circumvented her effort at any given moment.   The way I interpret the story is he gave her Forester back for one reason.

    He wanted to.  

    Now if I was Katie I would be ticked that he did for her what I  asked but he wouldn’t do for me
    that would be a big problem in our marriage for me right now.

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    Yes, and then he turned around and got sexed! LOL Ridge and Brooke need a real long vacation and they can take the other duo with them. They bore me. I am sick of the wavering Ridge, he needs to be a man for once and to call the shots independantly without letting himself be manipulated by the one or other woman. It is just tiresome.

    Now, Brooke will only try to sex her opinion on Ridge and that wimp will let it happen, afraid of getting cut off I guess. So, for what it is worth, I am enjoying the present display of pride in his daughter, but ain’t holding my breath that it will stay that way.

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