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     I haven’t had much time to watch all my soaps, but I have been on top of BnB! So… I kept saying up until I met her, that I would give Hope a chance and if her character is a better person than Steffi, I would support her.

    What do I say now? OH Hell NO! 

    This girl is introduced as a Stephanie Douglas hating little thinks she knows all, who knows nothing about anything. Katie is getting out of hand, I don’t know which is the worse of two evils, the "Hope for the Future" Campaigne or the "Dare" Fiasko. WTF?????

    Katie is single handedly going to bring FC down just because she is on a vendetta to fire Steffi, who actually does work! Brooke and her sister have done nothing but reap the rewards, I haven’t seen them work except for once when they said they were sitting in conference 3 days trying to come up with one sentence.

    Eric and Ridge have let those women ruin the company long enough. Now, with little miss Hype on the FC scene, getting promoted over a young woman with a complete College Educatioin and PR Talent, what real future do the Forresters have in maintaining the empire that they built? Ridge is a waste of time. It takes him forever to see what the hell is going on, even after his mother drives across town to let him know that his kids are being pushed out of anything at all FC. I am not counting on him or Eyebrows to get those parasites out of their systems, the only sure thing will be the kids. 

    There are toooooo many Logans at FC and I for one, want them out………………………..NOW! Get the trash out of there, it is time for the Queen and Taylor to clean house! After that little smart-assed leach has given her debut…. it is on. TEAM STEFFI UNITE! Get FC back in Forrester hands and pull out all stops… this is war!

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    I am not wild about Steffi but I will take her over the Logans any day of the week.  I thought it was obnoxious of Brooke to insert herself when Ridge was talking to his daughter.  Eavesdropping??  How old are you??

    I am so worried that Katie and Bill wont make it, Katie will get the company in the divorce and will give the company to Brooke.  WOuld be interesting to see if Brooke would give it to her hubby or make him president but keep ownership.

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    I doubt Bill and Katie will get a divorce anytime soon.  She’s going to take care of that little girl, Steffy.  Steffy will learn what a big girl looks like when Katie gets ahold of her.

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    Katie is just defending her marriage. What is Steffy’s excuse? Katie doesn’t even own Forrester LOL Steffy needs to hate Bill instead of wanting him, because he is the one who took over Forrester.

    I want to root for Steffy, because she wants the company back, but Katie isn’t the one who owns it. So, there is nothing to root for with her.

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    By the way, are there any other Bold and the Beautiful boards, besides this one and the official one? The official board is a scary mess. I think a bunch of 10 year olds post there. I wonder why the powers that be on the B&B site allow that nonsense to go on over there. They have to realize that fans don’t want to post there. ???

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    I dont mind Katie defending her marriage, but I am not wild about her falsely promoting her Logan niece to do it. I havent watched long but I cant stand Brooke and Donna.  And to be honest I am annoyed with the Katie character for having already forgiven her sisters for the Dare stunt.  Katie was dead on when she said that she would have been the laughing stock of the industry and her career would have been over.  I get wanting your family business back, but doing so in a way that would indelibly affect your sister…NO WAY.  Plus B&D lose furth points for being married to wusses and for being part of the dumbest revenge plot in the history of daytime (although Nik breaking up with his GF on GH and then taking her back just to…drumroll please….seek revenge by dumping her…is pretty close.  She was already dumped ya dingbat.) I still dont see how the Dare Campaign would have worked.  If Bills board forced him to sell, he would have dismantled it and sold it to competitors.

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    I was just surprised those designs got as far as they did. They were atrocious. Ridge is not a smart man. Donna really hasn’t been doing anything lately and Brooke seemed silly worried about decieving Katie with terrible designs, as if the terrible designs wouldn’t speak for themselves LOL I think it was all a plot device to get Bill into ruthless business man mode, up the ante with the Forrester family wanting to get their compnay back, build the new emotions of Steffy’s against the Logan’s, cause a rift in the Bill and Katie marriage. Katie was never supposed to hate her sisters, she was supposed to have a big spat complete with thunder with her husband to create a rift and open the door a crack for Steffy with her new hated of the Logan’s and thus pave the way for Hope Logan to enter and that speaks for itself really, Katie will use Steffy’s hatred for the Logan’s against her. It was all plot device to get us to this point in the story. It changed many directions.

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    EET, Brooke actually owned 51% of Forrester for years.  I doubt she would control to Ridge.  She ran the company very well during her stint as CEO.

    I just wish Brad Bell would use the other Forrester children.  Thorne and Felicia have kind of been after thoughts.  I know Lesli Kay is working on ATWT so I understand her not being around, but Thorne pops up here and there.  He was just an after thought to this.  Just doesn’t make sense and then we get to see all the Logans.  

    I am over this Logan/Forrester feud.  I’m not liking this whole new spin with Hope vs. Steffy.  It just doesn’t seem to add up.  Hope has been raised by Ridge almost her entire life.  She considered Big Stephanie and Eric her grandparents.  Now it’s like she is just a Logan.  Ridge’s children are acting like they are the only legacy to the Forrester company but what about Kristen, Felicia, and Thorne’s children?  I mean come on.  It doesn’t make sense having Steffy and Thomas think they are the rightful heirs to the Forrester legacy.  Plus Steffy is coming down on Hope for not really being a Forrester when technically she isn’t either.  Ridge is not Eric’s biological child.  His children aren’t Forresters.  They are Marones.  After the fallout from the reveal of the dare campaign I was enjoying it and then they bring it to this Hope vs. Steffy.  sigh 

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    The Hope/Steffy rivalry is very contrived. And doesn’t make sense. Bill is the owner of Forrester. Katie is his wife and appointed CEO. Steffy is hating and wanting to hurt the wrong person. She tells Thomas, she respects the institution of marriage, just not Katie. So, she respects the man who took over FC? But she doesn’t respect the woman who he appointed CEO? Katie was the one who gave Steffy a shot, Katie brought her presentation to Bill, Katie was walking around calling Steffy a rising star. How did Steffy hate that? It just makes no sense. LOL

    I enjoyed the Forrester’s being told off by Bill, Bill reminds me of a Victor Newman. But then we still have Steffy saying "I hate Katie!" What did Katie have to do with anything? And now we have Katie using Hope to get rid of Steffy, because Katie is defending her marriage. We have Steffy hating Katie because she’s a Logan in charge, but she wants to sleep with Bill, who is the owner of Forrester. I see so many loopholes.

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    I did some reading up before I started watching and I knew that brooke had control of the company for a time.  I still dont think she deserves it and I def. dont like her or plastic donna.

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     EET yeah I have never been a Brooke fan…or Donna fan…sigh

    I was a Taylor fan when I was growing up, but Brad Bell has done a number on her character since her last return from the dead.  He wrote Taylor so out of character for a couple years.  I didn’t like it.

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    I liked Brooke when the show started I rooted for her. Then I started to love to hate her and now I just wish the writer would write her right again. An exciting character has turned all wishy washy was a time I couldn’t wait to see what Brooke would do next. The writer needs to bring the real Brooke back to the screen.

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    Thanks friends for replying, this was really getting on my nerves. Now Brooke is going to be putting on the old Sexual charm to get weak Ridge to endorse the booting out of a reasonable promo for the one made by her baby. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a Mama, too… but… if my kid does something that isn’t quite great, I encourage her to do better by telling her how good the idea was, but was missing——–

    Brooke is just too motherly at this time, I guess I can understand that, but not at the cost of a company that is struggling to make the grade and with the suspicion that things aren’t what they appear to be.

    Katie needs to get her teeth kicked in. She is using this child to do her dirty work because she knows $$$ won’t go for it if she just came out and said what she is up to.

    What will be interesting is…



    When Bill tells Justin that he is digging Steffi’s Shyt and Justin leaves back to the big apple. If that doesn’t strike anyone as being odd… Dumma, who is actually loving the attention… then I don’t know what will.

    The way I see this, Katie will loose in the end because she is just too insecure to carry the name Spencer. She isn’t capable of fighting fair and she uses a juvenile to put Stuffit in the position where she will strike back. At the end of the day, Bill isn’t into all this drama. He wants a woman who looks out for the company’s future with which they; together will leave a legacy.

    Katie has always been a whiner, a cheat and totally needy. I have tried to support her, but when she starts filling an innocent child’s mind with Fame and Fortune just to serve her own agenda, then she has gone even below Brooke standards.

    Some say that she is doing this in part, to get back at her sisters for their betrayal. I say, that she is an idiot. She could just demote them and let them feel her power instead of constantly reminding them of her position. But… that she has taken this innocent child, no matter how little I appreciate her and put her in the hands of a pervert is more than I can stand. She is under and through… I am done with her.

    I hope that nothing serious happens to Mishap (Hope) through this misuse of power on Katie’s part. But at the end of the day; she is no better than Stuffit when it comes to going after a taken man… point in focus: Catalina, Pregnancy and a near marriage to her niece’s fianceé whom she had pushed into a relationship with said Niece.

    What goes around comes around and this does not exclude Katie. I am for Stuffit giving her the run for her money, because everything is fair in love and war as long as the innocent remain unharmed.

    I will be working rollercoaster shifts this week, have patients to take care of, so if I don’t get back to commenting soon, feel loved and hugged!

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    GO STEFFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So over Katie and her; "I am the CEO" crap! Now the epi from the 16th of Feb 2010 is the hallmark! What a great episode! I LOVED IT! Yes, get those LowGones out of FC, and WIN FC back for the FORRESTERS!!!!!! Great Stuff! Sorry Bill, but it is time to give the company back where it belongs… REST! Ridge, Eric, Sustainable Trust! YES!

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    I don’t get to watch B&B much, but I have managed to tune in to see Jacqueline Wood—and her TERRIBLE acting!!! I wouldn’t mind the character of Steffy so much if it were being played by a CAPABLE actress….

    I also find myself wishing that Heather Tom were back on Y&R as Victoria, and Amelia Heinle were on B&B playing Katie. They need to swap these two actresses out.

    As far as the storylines, I can’t offer much constructive criticism or argument……

    Still LOVE the opening….does that count??? LOL!!!

    I’m leaving now…I’ve embarrassed myself enough.

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    Steffi is a great character, the actress is also good, her role hadn’t been defined up until now. I think that if one would watch the show regularly, one would be better able to judge the acting abilities. I know HT as Kelly on OLTL. She was great but not like the original Kelly. Each Actor brings a different flavor to every role the play, whether or not they originate it is irrelevant. We as viewers do tend to get used to specific persons playing specific roles. But let us say, that HT did return to YNR or OLTL and started playing the roles again. I doubt that the two presentations would be the same as HT has expanded her talents and spread her wings during the time that she has played a completely character elsewhere. My point is, it makes no difference where this actor/actress plays, each situation will be interpreted by them, the writing team, the direction and the tech-team as well as the producer differently.

    Miss Woods is believable, she does that what she is told and in doing so, does seem to sell her wares. I enjoy her at the moment, knowing that she will be portraying Stuffit in Rick’s world once again. It is just too classic in the soaps… let her be whatever Brad wants, for now…………………….. she is hitting it and I am truly behind giving the company back to the originators… whether it be by Katie’s insecurity or by Stuffit’s firm stand and bravity… not to mention her motives for doing what she does…………… going where some Logans have gone without actually giving up the goods, when she doesn’t have to.

    Watching today’s episode just makes me want to see Stuffit go out of the barriers that have tied her, I want her to win. Hell, I want the Forresters to win. Now, if Brooke will be saved in the turmoil or not, time will tell. But Katie the Tyrant and her ditzy sister Dumma really need to leave the house and now. Let them go home to their men and do that what the Logan’s do best… train their thigh crush and weasel the life out of the men they make prey… the true black widows of television, need to stay in their little webs, spinning more tales of woe for their offspring.

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