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    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Friday, May 7th 2010
    While others are probably not quite as appreciative of the outcome of yesterday’s weekend Cliffhanger, I certainly took this episode as a pre-Mom-Day-present!

    Thank you Brad for the touching Steric moments.

    After another draining week on BnB, Erwimp decided to stand his man and not be manipulated into anything ridiculous. He is still a pud, but not even Viagra could move him to betraying his sense of logic, which was not exactly what his wife was expecting… or was she? Perhaps that is why she said she didn’t want to go after the company in the first place. 

    Being left all alone to figure out what happened, in comes the one person who he can communicate most. The softness in her face, not being Trojan-bothered, taking the time that she gets all for herself with this jerk ((Sorry Steph!)) and walking down memory lane … fine moment after the other — finally!

    Dumma is a very sick girl. That her family doesn’t intervene while she obviously is going through a mental breakdown is just another proof as to why Beth had to die in fear, struggling for air and naturally unable to get her table setting before being filled with chlorine. Erwimp doesn’t see it, Brooke thinks as always, that her sibling will get over it, Buzzard Bill is hovering over her, taking advantage of her. Naturally Stephanie doesn’t give a shit about her.. but someone has to know that this is not Dumma! Dumma didn’t trust Buzzard as far as she can throw him, why all of a sudden is she his monkey… now she can be known as Dumma- Donkey the Monkey. It would have been better if she and Buzzard cooked this up together, that she initiated the cooperation by helping him get the company. But this? Just a few days ago, the Trojan family were regretting their ignorance concerning their mother’s state of mind, yet… they close their eyes to this little Dümmerchen… (dumb-dumb). Brooke was right, her family is a mess.

    Pammy as always, was a blast! Love her with everyone that crosses her way. She gets the best of Dumma everytime. The Exterminator!!!! LMBO Thank you Brad! Even he knows what a virus the Trojans are… off with the other dangerous substances and wild animals… Loved the bore……..  fit perfect!

    Steffy being proud of her Grandma, made me proud of her! Bridge? Well, I guess Brooke has moved on. Her sister just got carted off with wild bore and she is enjoying the STERIC scene just as much as we are. So much to Family! LOL But, she knew when to leave and for that I am proud of her also. ((MOUTHWASH!))

    I still hope that Brad doesn’t soften Jackie up. I don’t agree with her motives behind keeping the baby a secret ((She should get rid of the bum)), but the fact that it is torturing Budget is more than sufficient reason for her to keep it up. After Budget sprang into Taylor’s bed, just hours  after she vacated it… without changing the sheets– she went all out to help Taylor loose Jack at the court case. Hope to see the payback for that, when perhaps Aggy, turns around and sides with Nix as he goes after custody of the baby. (my wish).  Budget was hounding Aggy because she didn’t reveal her true identity from the jump and that she had a widdle cwush on Nick. She forced the woman to take tablets, she hounded, stressed, stalked and humiliated the woman, telling her that after she drops the baby, she will be gone from their lives. After the accident, she thought nothing on the loss Aggy was going through, not even a condolence card came from the Marones. Budget didn’t feel one bit of guilt for being a major part of the baby’s demise. NOPE,  she thought only about herself. Now Jackie is only thinking about herself and if Budget doesn’t like it, she will at least know how Taylor and Aggy felt.

    All in All a very entertaining episode. Steric may only last a heartbeat, may end with a lot of heartbreak, but for this old time BnB fan, it was just the right touch to make up for the most part of the past 2 weeks. We got a lot of chaotic storyline rewrites, bad acting due to the inconsistant  storytelling and there through, bad execution. At least when only short lived, we did end the week on a positive note: an image of a couple who have been through life together and knowing that they belong. 

    Happy Mother’s day to all!

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