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    Steph and Taylor is coming from behind and Stuffit is fighting on the front line!

    Today’s epi is gonna be GREAT!  I can’t wait!
    The DHF Team are getting ready make the sparks are gonna fly!

    I love BnB… Bringing FC back home…. this is the dream team! I am totally, absolutely  emphatically SIKED!!!

    Loving Brad this month!

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    Like the Girls on our board say:

    Steffy is gonna make $$Bill come out being 50 Cents! GO STUFFIT!

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    This story is moving WAY too fast!  I want the Forrester’s to get the company back in the end but Bill has only owned it what three months?

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    Man, I love my Girls… the sequel from GS:

    This episode picks up with Katie on the phone with a flunkie interrupting Steffy’s firing. Steffy is talking to Bill on her cell. She goes out into the hall. 50 cent is begging now. He says Steffy isn’t being reasonable and he has a couple of ideas. Steffy tells him she’s not interested in ideas and to take it or leave it! She says it’s all in his hands and she’s waiting.

    Big Baby Boy Ridge is showing his boo-boo to his mommy Stephanie. She tells him that he is out of control. Ridge agrees and goes on another rant about Bill and Katie making life hell. Taylor is exasperated with his attitude and tells him to stop whining about it. (My words) He stops momentarily and starts again saying he feels like he’s chasing a memory. That Forrester Creations is gone forever.

    Dumma and Brooke are at the photographer’s studio liking the look of the new set. Greek pillars and an all white background. Dumma asks which models they were using. Brooke brags the same models who did the Royalty campaign. Dumma says happily the Logan girls? She and Brooke hi-five.

    They added Hope, Oliver and Justin
    Whip has moved up and so has Pam!

    Ridge is still lamenting. He says he knows the Logans are riding high but he just can’t be happy for them. Stephanie and Taylor try to tell him that it’s because Bill has handed them the company.

    Steffy comes back into Katie’s office to screw with her some more. Katie says they’re done and that if she wants to keep working in fashion she should go get a job with her grandmother at Jackie M. Steffy tells Katie that she doesn’t want to compete with her. They have a pissing contest about who shouldn’t be underestimated and who really needs to leave the company. Steffy reminds Katie that she doesn’t have a leg to stand on in firing her. Katie admits that Steffy’s firing isn’t’ work related but personal (Is she stupid or something? Steffy could sue her ass off and win the company in court!) She tells Steffy she’ll have her things sent and to get out of the bldg or she’ll call security. Steffy tells her she’s not going anywhere. Katie then pulls rank saying she is CEO and decides what goes on there. Steffy enlightens Katie to the fact that her family built that company and the only thing that is her is the misery she brought with her.
    Katie goes to her desk and calls Madison to come in. When Madison comes in, Bill is right behind her. He’s coming in so fast he leaves skid marks on Madison’s head. Steffy smiles and tells him he has perfect timing.


    Katie tells her hubby that she just fired Steffy. She recounts that Steffy’s behavior has been inappropriate. Bill looks at Steffy and agrees that her behavior has been inappropriate. In return for that slam, Steffy reaches for her bag where the ring is. Just then Bill tells her “to give it a R.E.S.T”. Steffy raises an eyebrow. Katie is clueless and thanks her husband for agreeing with her about the firing. She kisses Bill and tells him she’s late for a photo shoot. She leaves the room off to become a goddess! (Watch out Hera! Zeus is still looking horny!) Steffy closes the door behind Katie. She is triumphant and asks Bill if he meant it.

    Katie goes to the photo shoot where Donna and Brooke are waiting. She apologizes to Brooke for making trouble for her with Ridge but that Steffy had to go. Brooke asks how Bill took it. Katie tells them that she has Bill’s full support.

    Bill is still with Steffy. He’s looking like a caged animal. Desperate! Lol Bill tells Steffy that she reminds him of himself. He asks if she can feel their connection. (Work it if you can 50 cent!) Steffy says the only thing she’s feeling is for her family. She orders him to get down to business. Bill says he has an alternative proposal. He says it will be a win-win for them both.


    Katie tells the rest of the witches that she will take the heat with Ridge and Eric about firing Steffy. She tells Brooke to just lie to Ridge (again?) and say she didn’t she realize what was going on. Brooke agrees. Then Katie tries to pump up her fellow goddesses for the photo shoot. The Logan girls giggle together.

    Ridge is still going on and on. Woe is him! Stephanie comments that her children basically grew up in the halls of Forrester Creations. Taylor says hers did too. Stephanie tells them that the real tragedy. She is sorry that Thomas and Steffy have to see the demise of what was great family business. Ridge says it’s not about what he’s going through… (REALLY!) but about his kids, especially Steffy. (Can you tell she’s his favorite kid?) Taylor tells him that Steffy is just scared for him. And that she would do anything to give her father back his company if she could.

    In the CEO office, Bill is proposing an addition to Forrester Creations. A design center that will be run by Eric and Ridge. Steffy asks if they’d have to report to him or Katie. He tells her everyone has to report to someone. Steffy defies him and says her family always had freedom and never reported to anyone because they were the best. She says she’s getting that freedom back for her father and grandfather. Then Bill tries to threaten her by telling her how disappointed he’ll be in her. (You’re just flailing Bill hoping something will stick!) Steffy is not fazed at all. She says her father is practical and will not blame her at all but that he better get a bodyguard. She tells him that Katie on the other hand will not understand. Bill tells her it’s her word against his. Steffy says her credibility it bumped up by the fact that she has Katie’s ring!


    The Logans are being snapped by the butch photographer. They are dressed in white gowns trimmed in gold like the Greeks used to wear. Dumma looks huge in her drapes and carries a lyre (symbolic?) No one seems in the mood and the photographer is not getting what she needs. Katie asks them to take a break. She gives them a pep talk. She gives Brooke permission again to lie to Ridge because it could have gotten explosive between him and Bill. Katie then asks them to rise to the occasion so they won’t look bad in the pictures. (Too late) They smile at Katie and she brings back the photographer. There is a montage of shots. The Logan sisters then individually, Katie, Brooke, and Big Dumma.

    Stephanie and Taylor walk in and are surprised at Katie lounging flanked by Dumma and lyre, I mean Brooke. Stephanie says she thought she was walking in on a costume party. She tells them that now that they were done leeching the dignity from FC that they were now going to be laughing stocks. (Just got to love her!) Katie says no one will be laughing, only buying. (Especially with Katie designing now) Dumma opens her trap and tells Stephanie that she had her chance and now the company has changed hands. Brooke adds that they’ll just have to live with it. (I wish to God, Ridge could hear what this heifer says behind his back) Katie then tells Stephanie and Taylor to move back and let them get on with their shoot.

    Upstairs, Steffy says she can prove her claims of Bill’s infidelity with Katie’s ring AND by reciting the conversation Bill and Katie had that night to prove she was there in the bedroom. Bill compliments Steffy. She says she really doesn’t want to blow apart his marriage but that SHE WILL! Bill asks if she’s really doing this fro her family. Steffy confidently says she’s a Forrester and that’s what Forresters do. Bill tells Steffy that Katie once wanted to give back the company but now she’s attached to being CEO and does it well. (WHAT? Bill you ain’t been around to see that obviously!) Steffy coldly tells him to buy Katie a house or a yacht. FC is in the Forresters blood! She tells him that he’ll be happier with Katie than without her. Bill asks for the contract! Steffy pulls it out of her bag and instructs him to sign the back page.

    Bill takes the contract and warns Steffy that her daddy has no money to buy back the company. That Brooke is the one with the assets and she’ll want a piece. Steffy says she’s willing to do whatever. Bill tries to cop out and says he’ll have his lawyers look at it. Steffy tells him no way, SIGN NOW OR NO DEAL. He warns her that if she reneges on this deal and tells Katie he will come after her and bring hell behind him. She softly promises to keep quiet. Bill smiles almost proudly and says that she’s pulled off what no one ever has, getting the best of him. He says part of him wants to strangle her and the other part… (We know about the other part Bill) He bends over the table and signs the papers! He holds the papers back from her until she gives him the ring.

    Steffy leaves the office hardly believing that she did it. She says to herself that now the Logans will finally be gone.

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    REST: the real contract!

    Ridge, Eric, Stephanie and Taylor! The cash comes from Stephanie and Taylor and the trust is for THEIR kids… buh bye LOWGONES………….. Good-bye!

    I can’t wait for tomorrow and Monday, BnB is rocking my world… OLTL also, but for so long I have had the nose wiped clean with this Terror Rain of the Trojans……… (uh… Logans) and now at last! FC comes home to the Forresters … better said, Team DHF!

    Elation is just the beginning!

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    [quote=Smitty]This story is moving WAY too fast!  I want the Forrester’s to get the company back in the end but Bill has only owned it what three months?

    [/quote] No Smitty, we have suffered enough! It is time to put that trash on the curb so that the city can pick it up and deliver it to where it belongs!

    GO STEFFI! Go STEPHANIE and GO TAYLOR! At last!!!! I can sleep without wondering when this Trojan-Creations crap would be over— all is good in BnB land! The Team has brought the story full-circle and the suffering is adieu!

    LOVE IT!

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    The recap from my Girl Luv!

    Today was a very good episode, love the camera work.

    We start off in Bill’s office. Bill and Steffy are talking about what she wants. Bill wants to know what will he get in return. Steffy says her lips are sealed. She says so boss, what’s it going to be? The company or your wife?

    Katie/Brooke/Donna: In Katie’s office. Brooke tells Katie she was rough on Ridge and Eric. Katie asks how Hope is. Donkey says I guess with have no campaign now. Katie comes up with a new campaign slogan. “Goddess”. They are so overjoyed with the word and where it could lead (Umm, wasn’t Ridge and Eric designing for Hope’s campaign when Katie had harsh words for them when she said it should be fun and flirty? Do they know the plan is scrapped?) Brooke is so happy she said let me call Steffy so she can get right on the PR. Katie says no, I’m firing her. Brooke and Donkey have the surprised look.

    Ridge’s office. Ridge is tearing up a sketch and Taylor comes in with a gift, I think flowers to calm him. He rants and she tells him he is the company and not to get depressed, she’s there to cheer him up. He can tell she’s happy he says its Whip isn’t it?


    Ridge’s office. Taylor says, “Whip?” Ridge says the fast talking….Taylor tells him he’s very sweet. Ridge says so you like him. Taylor says he’s past like. Ridge says so its serious. She says just be happy for me. Taylor says enough, where’s Steffy. Ridge says she’s so irreplaceable.

    Katie’s office. Brooke says you can’t fire Steffy. Donna is shaking her head in agreement (and she’s the one that went running to Katie about Steffy and Bill the last time that set Katie off, just like her big head sister, start something and watch it explode). Katie tells her that Steffy is after her husband. Donna tells her she just can’t toss her out. Katie says the sooner the better.

    Bill’s office. Bill touches Steffy’s face and pulls her away from him and says, “you irritate me.” Steffy says sarcastically, “score one for the Forrester’s”. Steffy says your mouth says one thing, you got your Logan, take her on a honeymoon around the world. Bill says he will not let her hurt his wife. Steffy says she’s protecting her family, “give me the company back”. Steffy sits in Bill’s chair and says “I get what I want, give my dad his job back”.


    Ridge’s office. Ridge says Steffy is one of the few keeping him there at the company. He continues to babble about here and Steffy. Taylor tells him that Steffy treasures the time she has with him there at the company. Then he rants and cries again about how he feels when he comes to the company. He says that Steffy thinks they are going to get their company back, she’s just like you.

    Katie’s office. Brooke says this makes no sense. She says aren’t you and Bill on track? (Donna put a skid in the track!). She says Steffy is relentless and that she’s seen Brooke fight Stephanie all these years (what does that have to do with it!). Brooke says now you are going to create a Logan vs Forresters. Katie said its going to stop, she touches her finger and Brooke says you still haven’t found your engagement ring?

    Bill’s office. Bill says stealing Katie’s diamond for collateral? Steffy tells him that he was so turned on by her and he wanted her. Bill says if your father finds out all hell will break lose. Steffy tells him that her dad will forgive her and “will Katie forgive you”?. Steffy tells him all she wants is FC and that he is the means. Bill says so this is my punishment, to help you succeed. Steffy says this deal is better. Bill says this company is no consolation prize. Steffy says do you want Katie to find out? She pulls the contract out and says, “sign the papers or your marriage is up for grabs”.


    Back to Bill’s office. Bill is looking at the papers and says even if I do sign your father can’t buy back the company. He tells her he used business practices to get the company, blah, blah. He says he understands her wanting to do for her family, its not right. Steffy says with a smirk, “I think that’s cute, refusing me; its not an option, sign right here”. Bill says sorry this is the end of your fantasy. Steffy says good thing Katie hasn’t seen me yet, don’t want to keep the boss waiting.

    Ridge’s office. Taylor is still consoling the cry baby telling him not to give up his dream. Ridge tells her what he did, he smashed a trophy thought he was hallucinating (I didn’t see him hallucinating…anybody else?) He goes on to tell Taylor he has to be her for his daughter, blah, blah, blah.

    Bill’s office. Bill pours himself a drink. Justin comes in babbling about some sales figures and Bill says not now Justin. Justin wants to know what’s wrong, Bill tells him about his latest tryst with Steffy, the argument with Katie, he thought she walked out on him and he knows how he gets when someone leaves him (stick a pacifier in his mouth) he tells Justin that he overreacted and Steffy was there. He says he needs damage control. Justin says how big is your damage.

    Katie’s office. Brooke is trying to convince Katie its not a good idea to fire Steffy. Katie says she’s given her chances, she’s out of here. Steffy comes in her office. Katie says Steffy, you’re here. Katie tells her sisters to excuse them that she needs to talk to Steffy, she has some issues to discuss. Brooke and Donna get up and leave.

    Ridge’s office. Taylor is still consoling the cry baby. Ridge says that Katie and Bill are incompetent and hates how they are pushing Steffy around.

    Bill’s office. Justin says what trouble you’re in. He tells Justin that he thought Katie left him. Justin says tell me you’re not sleeping with Ridge’s young daughter. He tells Justin that Steffy wants him to sale the company back to her. Justin says she’s blackmailing you. Bill says if Katie finds out… I can’t lose her.

    Showdown in Katie’s office. Katie tells Steffy she knows what she’s up to, blah, blah about the late night lunches the kiss, yada, yada, yad. Steffy says she’s not forcing him. Katie tells her that Bill is entertaining her thought and that he’s her man. Steffy says you are so confident. Katie tells her its just a crush, there are always consequences. She goes on to tell Steffy that this situation is over and someone has got to go and its you. Steffy says you’re firing me? Steffy begins to dig for the ring while Katie is still ranting to her she tells her to find herself another job. Katie gets a call and Steffy is still digging for the ring. Steffy gets a call, its Bill and tells him that Katie has fired her and that she has the ring and she wants the company (Katie is in the foreground still on her phone call), it’s the company or your wife, now! End of episode

    Go Steffy, reduce Dollar Bill to .50!


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     I like Taylor and Stephanie too, but this plot that Steffy has used to get Forrester back is lame!  

    They should have come up with something else.

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    I don’t care how they did it……………… FC is Trojan FREE! I am still springing around like a freak! LMBO! OMG! FINally, justice is served!

    Did I say how much I love Brad??? LOL! Best epi in a loooooooooooong time! Thank goodness that the family have gotten their home back….. was sick and tired of the whining…. sick and tired of the Trojans constantly rubbing their SLORE – won positions in the Forresters faces…. so sick and tired of Katie the Tyrant!

    It is OVER! There is a soapGod and I am just in awe… BnB pulled through for the FANS and now the bickering and the conniving can begin. WHO cares………………….. bring it on. FC is Saved and now I can watch my show and be PROUD!

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