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    I have missed Bobbie sooooo much ever since she was backburned in the mid-2000s and then disappeared into thin air without any explanation. When I first started watching in the mid-90s Bobbie was to GH like OLTL’s Viki, Y&Rs Nikki, AMC’s Erica or DAYS Marlena; she was the main female lead/heroine of the show. She was on all the time and involved in multiple storylines at once and I didn’t care because I loved her. In my opinion Jackie Zeman has this warmth and genuine, sincere, down-to-earth quality she gives Bobbie that has made me love her. The character is strong and no pushover but also seems like a good person who is nice to others and genuinely cares about them. To me Bobbie (followed closely by Laura and Monica) has always been the heart of GH and when she was no longer written for, the show just didn’t seem the same.

    When Jackie Zeman returned around the time of the 50th anniversary I was ecstatic and hoped that TPTB would keep her around. I was so sad when they wrote her out again and am thrilled to have her back now and in my opinion this return of hers has been fantastic! Bobbie was in true form the other day frantically fighting for someone to find her missing daughter, not backing down from Scott or anyone else. I thought Jackie Zeman knocked those scenes out of the park! When she was practically begging Scott and Anna to do something, arrest Franco, give her answers and find her missing daughter I was almost in tears. I thought JZ was spectacular and honestly had forgotten how good of an actress she was.

    Also I think Jackie Zeman now looks great as well; I know a lot of people have commented about her plastic surgery and I have to admit that I don’t think she looked her best towards the end of her time in 2009. On top of her facial features coming across a bit drastic at that time she had very dark brown, very long hair that I thought was not the most flattering. Mind you I am her biggest fan and would still defend the actress and character if she had green hair and a third knows because of how Bobbie/JZ has endeared herself to me. So I mention how she looked a few years ago because I think now she looks amazing! Part of why seeing her again was so emotional for me is because regarding her looks, she is back to the exact Bobbie I remember! Red hair at a nice length with the curls towards the bottom, beautiful face, and a stylish outfit. Meanwhile she is kicking ass and taking names trying to find her daughter, all while conveying her character’s fear, panic and vulnerability. What I love about Bobbie and the way Jackie Zeman plays her is that to me she is so relatable. Unlike Carly she’s generally very kind to others and is not nasty to every female she encounters and when she is aggressive or lashing out its totally understandable because of the vulnerability with which JZ portrays the character.

    To summarize I am beyond thrilled to have Bobbie/JZ back on the canvas. She looks great, her acting has been amazing and seeing her and her family connections remind me of why I got hooked on the show in the first place. I hope that TPTB wake up and realize Bobbie belongs in PC permanently, sign her to a contract and not ever let her go again! (and do the same for Laura, Alan and Monica while you’re at it haha). Welcome back Bobbie Spencer!!

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