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    Danny Wolek, the last time he was ever in town literally was 1991, 20 years he hasn’t been seen on-screen and the last time we ever saw him, he was like in medical school training to become a doctor. And not only that but he is Viki, Todd, Tina, and Victor Jr.’s nephew since Danny is the child of Meredith Lord Wolek and Larry Wolek, and even though he may not be a Lord biologically since Meredith was not a biological Lord, but Victor didn’t know that Meredith wasn’t his daughter, he raised her as his daughter and she was seen as a legal Lord and they consider her to be one

    Then that means Danny too would be a Lord

    And he can come back to Llanview to be a doctor on staff at Llanview Hospital replacing Greg Evans as the best doctor in town

    Danny can come back with a Gregory House like complex, a messiah complex, think House meets Patrick Drake, Danny Wolek would be that good of a doctor

    As for who plays Danny Wolek, how about Michael Park as Danny Wolek, or how about Grayson McCouch as Danny Wolek, Grayson would be the better choice for a Danny re-cast.

    And with Danny Wolek back in town he would be able to interact with his Aunt Viki, with his Aunt Tina, and with his Uncle Todd, and he would be able to interact with his cousins Jessica, Natalie, Starr, Jack, Dani, Sam, etc.

    And Llanview could use a good doctor on staff even if he happens to be a Lord. He can be a better doctor than Greg Evans ever was, and who knows maybe Danny Wolek could find love here in Llanview

    As for his father Larry, him & his son Danny can bump heads at the hospital

    Father and son working together at the hospital with Larry being the Chief of Staff and his son Danny as an MD

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