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    First of all, I have to say that rarely has a new soap character grown on me as fast as Felix DuBois (his best friend Sabrina is another story). He needs a boyfriend and it should be a legacy character: Lucas Spencer Jones. Lucas was the first male soap opera character to come out as gay from a legacy family (before Luke Synder and before Will Horton). Felix would be perfect for him. Carly, Lucas’ big sister, already likes Felix and since Jason is gone, Carly needs her brother around. Felix has already had crushes that went no where (Milo and the cute dancer with the big butt). Why not have the first interracial gay couple on television? Gosh knows there are PLENTY of cookie cutter pretty boy white male gay couples on air. Why not try something different? And, Lucas, with his mother Bobbie Spencer and his uncle Luke, was part of the most poignant scenes in GH history: the death of his father, Dr. Tony Jones. Part One: and Part Two:

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