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    I know people already think there’s too many OLTL vets on the show, but if the rumors of Debbi Morgan being out at Y&R are true than her AMC character is perfect for GH.

    When the truth comes out for Johnny and Todd, I think Angie is the perfect one to comfort them and help them get their life back, like she did with David Hayward during the final weeks on AMC. I can just imagine Todd, with a ripped suit, having been run out of Port Charles for giving away Sam’s baby, and bumping into Angie in Pennsylvania. Todd explains his story and Angie helps him come back stronger and with a plan to win back over his daughter and Carly. Scenes with Debbi and Roger together should be gold.

    It also won’t hurt that she could be another doctor on the staff at GH, if the show ever does want to put the “hospital” back in the name.

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