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    Valentin if anything they should have brought him on when Helena mentioned him to Luke by saying how he is the most evil and the most dangerous Cassadine that there has ever been, and that he even scares Helena and that Helena does not scare easily or at all for that matter. Valentin is determined to take out his revenge and his rage out on any Spencer and or Cassadine he can find, if anything they should not have dropped that storyline at all, and if anything with Garin Wolfe at the helm, he can bring Valentin to the forefront

    As for Valentin, who could play him?

    How about Vincent Irizarry, played David Hayward on All My Children, he would make a great Valentin re-cast since Matt Borlenghi was supposed to play Valentin, but he didn’t, so how about VI as Valentin?

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