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    I’d say a Cane/Lily/Tyler/Hilary/Mason/Devon/Leslie/Neil storyline would be more interesting. Hilary has sex with both and Mason and Devon. Then get pregnant and pass the baby off as Devon’s with Mason’s help so they can get at his billions. When Neil becomes suspicious about if Devon is the baby’s daddy, he takes his concerns to his son who believes Neil’s bias against Hilary is clouding his judgement.

    Neil warns Hilary that she better not mess up Devon’s life over this child. He also takes his concerns to Leslie, who promises to get to the bottom of things. She then enlists Tyler help to work his playboy magic with Hilary to see if he can get to the truth as she befriends Mason with the same goal.

    As Leslie works to pry information from Mason she finds herself feeling taken in by him and after a night of drinks ends up having sex with the man. Meanwhile, Tyler almost succeeds in manipulating Hilary into telling the truth by pretending this entire time that he has been secretly plotting against the Winter’s.

    After the sexual tryst Mason reveals to Leslie that he knows what she and her brother are up to and blackmails her into calling off the whole ordeal.

    Tyler wonders why Leslie has decided to end their plan to expose Hilary and she covers by saying that she believes that Devon is really the father. Later, she expresses this sentiment to Neil.

    Neil meets Tyler at the GCAC and expresses his concerns about Leslie’s sudden change of heart. Yet, Neil thinks Leslie’s womanly instincts are right.

    Mason and Hilary toast as he reveals how he has neutralized their enemies. And Hilary wants to have fun with the power they now hold. Later, she has Mason call Leslie to meet him at the GCAC to discuss something important or he will tell Neil about their night of passion. When Leslie arrives, she sees Hilary instead of Mason. Hilary let’s Leslie in on what she knows and informs Leslie that she is going to push Devon into wanting to marry Hilary or else she will reveal what happened on the night in question.

    Leslie takes a stand and says she will not be blackmailed into doing Hilary’s bidding. As Neil won’t believe Hilary or Mason. Then Hilary pulls out her Smartphone and reveals a video clip of Leslie and Mason’s romp. At that point, a worried Leslie reluctantly agrees to comply.

    Leslie soon discovers that she too is pregnant. And considering the damage a baby would due to her relationship with Neil. Especially a baby that is not his. Plus, the fact that she does not want a child with a scheming man like Mason. So she decides to have an abortion. And sets up an appointment at a clinic in the hood. At the same time she talks up Hilary to Devon whenever she can.

    On the day of her planned abortion Leslie accidentally leaves her Smartphone at Neil’s place and an alert reminding her of the appointment pops up. When a curious Neils checks it out, he races down to the clinic to confront her before she enters.

    Leslie then lies to Neil when pressed that the baby is his and that she didn’t feel it was the right time to bring a child into the world. An Angry Neil goes off on her about his past with children from Dru’s secret about Lily to Sofia leaving town with his son. He implores her not to get rid of the baby. But Leslie insists it is her body and her choice and heads inside the clinic.

    Neil, then races off to the GCAC and considers taking a drink, but is stopped by Nikki who consoles him. Leslie later shows up and informs Neil that she decided to keep the baby. And allows him to think the baby is his.

    Mason and Hilary continue to plot their long term plans. Hilary will marry Devon and then divorce him later, taking a chunk of his income with her.

    Later, when Mason discovers that Leslie is pregnant (something he overhears Tyler talking about), he considers the thought that the baby might be his and contacts her to find out. Leslie assures him that the child is Neil’s. And not intending on having a child with her, Mason buys her answer, as he is too focused on the money he and Hilary will gain from Devon’s ignorance.

    Tyler is now feeling that something is way amiss and takes his concerns to Lily. The two unite to get to the bottom of whatever is going on. This sparks some jealously and concern from Cane who believes Tyler is trying to worm his way into Lily’s life on a romantic level. He takes his own concerns to Devon, who promises to keep a sharp eye on them.

    As Lily and Tyler work together to figure things out, sexual tension re-emerges between them. Meanwhile, Devon and Neil propose to their future baby momma’s while on a double date. Hilary accepts and Leslie is reluctant, but ends up saying yes. The foursome then decide to plan a double wedding with their friends and relatives present.

    What will happen when Tyler stumbles upon the sex tape? Will he tell Lily and risks embarrassing his sister to take down Mason and Hilary? And what impact will Lily and Tyler’s renewed closeness have on Cane? And will Devon’s watching over them lead him closer to a truth he is oblivious too?

    And in the most relevant version of stunt casting Marla Gibbs debuts in a recurring role as Dru’s mother, Lillian (remember her) who has decided that she should spend her last days on this earth with family. But what she is actually going to do is be the catalysts to bring everything to light. This version of Lillian would be saying such things as “heifer, ” “Jezebel” and “these heifer’s is blinding men with their kitty cat!” But Momma Lillian is not all reformed and out for justice. Because she also believes that people are better “when they with their own kinds…” if you know what I mean? That way we can explore the social issue interracial marriage in the new era as Lillian tries to break up Cane and Lily so that Lily can be with Tyler. That came to mind after seeing Tamara of Tia and Tamara becoming emotional over the flack she has gotten for marrying a white man.

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