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    Allow some of us to get of off the couch and do the casting, cause y’all ain’t gettin it right.  What’s up with puttin Neal wit Ashley.  Naw y’all.  It won’t work! And Darius as Malcolm!!!!! Was Boris Kojo not available?   If he wasn’t you should have waited until he was. There was a time when I would never miss an episode of Y&. , Now it doesn’t matter to me whether I see it or not.  Let me tell ya.  I get a lotta house work done now that there is nothing to tie me to your uninteresting storylines.

    Many times in life we have bitter pills to swallow.  I don’t know what happened between any of you and Victoria Rowell, but ya better kiss and make up and get that girl back on the show or you’ll see yourselves going by the wayside like other soaps have done.  She is the reason that we are having to see all of these ludicrous storylines.  Instead of doing the right thing we have to see this low-life writing.  Help a sista out and bring the viewers the best again.  I can’t even hope that you win an award at the Daytime Emmys anymore.  Neal and Ashley….get outta here!!!!

    If all else fails, get in touch with me.  You have the e-mail address

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    I don’t think TPTB will ever bring back Victoria Rowell. I hope some other show, such as OLTL, picks up Rowell. But, yeah. ITA about Darius and everything else you said.

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    Y&R is just dumb for not bringing VR back.

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