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    Here we go Y&R fans true Bill fans will like this episode because of the flashbacks of 32 YEARS…MTS was 23 when started in 1978…our beloved vixen of CBSers.

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    Thanks for posting this! It really made me smile, and shows how humble, kind and funny Melody Thomas Scott is. Diva, my butt! Haters, please watch this and see what a kind woman she is.

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    Alston…you’re welcome, had to share when I found this ditty. I haven’t watched Y&R for 8 months now but sometimes for special events and being there for those exciting moments, fu*k Blood Countess Bell because it’s flashbacks of Bill’s Nikki Reed…I hope for early episode flashback would be “Paul & Nikki” getting the dog on and Nikki ends up with VD…sigh..but probably more on family…who cares I love my Nikki and she IS ALLOWED to be a diva..she has earned it…haters…sorry but the lovers out weigh you’all. ;)

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    Harlee490-Thank you for the link to the lovely clip. I’ve been waiting for something like this to get me to actually watch Y&R instead of just turning it on out of reflex and having it as “background noise”. MTS is a treasured gift on this show…. 0:)

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