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    I was completely blown away by Chandler Massey’s (Will) acting on Friday, February 3. I’ve only been watching Days since As The World Turns went off the air and yes, I’ve seen Days at its worst with the hackerna Dena Hegley basically digging an early grave for Days. Thank God Ken Corday finally came to his senses and fired her and Days did a reboot in September of last year. Ever since then, Chandler’s confidence in his acting abilities and the raw emotion that he digs up in order to convey Will’s pain is nothing short of brilliant! I couldn’t believe that he called Sami a whore and for a moment there, I was sure she was going to haul off and slap him on the face for calling her that. But Sami knew that Will was right on that count. I really believe that Chandler will be up on that stage on the night of the Daytime Emmy awards this year AND next year. He’s got so much material to choose from for the work he did in the latter part of 2011. Now, he’s just knocking every scene he does out of the ballpark like a grand slam. This kid is going places.

    Chandler, I give you a standing ovation and a loud round of applause and I’ll definitely say, “BRAVO!”

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    If Chandler ever leaves Days, I hope it is for truly something spectacular.
    Otherwise I would like to see him stay and eventually become the star of the show like he is meant to be. His birthright as a Horton/Brady/Marlena’s grandson, makes him a perfect candidate. His acting gives him the ability to take on such a role. I could see him be the leading man and say, his brother Johnny being his mortal enemy as a Dimera in years ahead. Since his family is split right down the middle half being Dimera and half being Horton, this fued between the families could go on another generation.

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    Simply superb! He should be walking off the stage with a Younger Actor Emmy, if that means much anymore, getting an award from high gloss info-commercial.


    YOU WHORE! Well said Will! Still Sami should have given him the backhanded slap. All the way back to What’s Love Got To Do With It!

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    I think whore was an inapropriate choice of wording. Because Sami, whatever she is is not a whore. She slept with EJ because of her emotional state not for any sort of profit. Actually Will is pimping himself out to EJ right now. He might not be doing it with sex but EJ pretty much owns Will and Will is getting some pretty nice stuff over it. (If I were Nicole I would be sending that boy packin’. She KNOWS something is up. And I think she suspects that it is more than one thing too!
    I am not trying to take up for Sami. She deserves alot of criticism for the way that baby was raised.

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    Outstanding work by Mr. Massey! He really did kill it in every way on Friday’s episode. I echo the sentiment that he should claim an Emmy for his work in this storyline.

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    Amen to that AveRex!

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