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    Sad to say that AJ Quartermaine being killed off and watching Monica mourn the loss of a fourth and only known surviving child was too much for me. And the fact that Sonny was not only the culprit but attended the funeral poured salt in a wound of mine that started about a decade ago with the deaths of Justus, AJ, Alan and Emily. Do TPTB really think the audience wanted to watch Monica, who has been a fan favorite for nearly 30 years, suffer through another loss?!

    I watched the show since the mid-90s because of my love for the families and characters that I got to know over the course of years. The Quartermaines/Wards, Spencers, Webbers/Hardys and Cassadines were the families that I knew and loved and are now all dead, fractured or non-existent.

    I had stopped watching the show regularly in the mid-2000s when the mob and new irrelevant characters took over and most of my favorites were dead or written off. But when RC and FV took over I had such high hopes. I believe that soaps at their best are about core families, friends and enemies, and romance. I loved the rich and powerful, well-bred, multi-generational, diverse, dysfunctional Quartermaines/Wards who filled the mansions living room with squabbling and bickering but genuinely loved each other underneath it all. Edward & Lila reminded me of my own grandparents, Alan & Monica and Tracy, my aunts and uncles and their kids, myself, siblings and cousins. I loved how they accepted Skye and loved her relationships with Alan, Ned, Emily, Edward, Lila and even Monica but especially AJ as they bonded over feeling like the black sheep. I loved Justus, Keesha and Mary Mae and their relationships with the Quartermaines. I always wanted Keesha to hook up with Det. Marcus Taggert and Justus to reunite with Simone Hardy or Dara Jensen. I miss Dillon a lot too. I loved the romances of Luke & Laura and Lucky & Elizabeth and LOVED Bobbie who had been through hell in her life and could be tough as she was fiercely protective of her family but also sweet, nurturing and seemed like an all around nice person. I loved her relationships with Carly, Tony, Luke, Laura and Lucky. Bobbie reminded/reminds me so much of my own mother. The Spencers were so easy to relate to. And I loved the larger-than-life, gothic, dangerous, royalty that were the Cassadines. I loved the romances between Ned & Alexis, Nikolas & Emily, and Nikolas & Gia. Helena had this understated presence that made me almost scared of her even when she was pleasant as could be. The actors playing Stavros and Stefan were perfection in their roles. Stefan intrigued me the most because he walked the line between good and bad, so many layers to him. And the Spencer/Cassadine feud was always can’t miss for me because of how many layers and angles there were to it and how much history was involved.

    Now unfortunately, the show is pretty much the same as before the current PTB took over: dead Quartermaines, no Laura, no Wards or Hardys, little hospital, all the core families are dismantled, the show is flooded with new irrelevant characters, still centered on the mob and Sonny with the icing on the cake being that there are 3 actors from another show playing bad characters in awful stories. In my opinion the very presence of Franco is offensive, the Kiki character is awful and Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco have played 8 characters between them in the ABC daytime universe. TPTB really should have just cut their losses during the Prospect Park fiasco. These 3 actors are very good but have nothing to do with the long-term history of the show and it makes me so mad that they, along with tons of other new characters are front and center while Laura and Alan are not on the show at all, half the Quartermaines are still dead or off the canvas and Monica is on recurring trotted out to mourn the loss of her last living child!

    The kicker is that I LOVED the show around the time of the 50th anniversary. Edwards death and the Quartermaine thanksgiving gave us a full Quartermaine living room again! AJ came back from the dead and Ned, Skye, Laura, Bobbie, Lesley, and Nikolas came back to town as well as Scott, Lucy, Kevin, Frisco and Felicia. Mac and Felicia FINALLY reunited. The Spencer/Cassadine feud was awesome with Luke & Laura together again in an adventure while Helena and Stavros sent chills down my spine with their evil. THEY are how to write love-to-hate villains! The mob and Sonny was actually toned down balanced with the other stories. And by some cosmic miracle the “favorite 3″ actors were not allowed to be featured. It just boggles my mind that TPTB CAN write the show that the fans, or at least I, want but choose not to do it.

    Its my opinion that the core or foundation of the show should be Luke & Laura, Alan & Monica and Bobbie and their families. Bringing on recasts of Sarah Webber, Lucky Spencer, Dillon Quartermaine, Brooklyn Ashton, Justus, Faith, Keesha & Maya Ward, Tom, Simone, Tommy Hardy Jr., his younger sis Audrina, Kristina Davis, Serena Baldwin and an aged LilaRae Quartermaine (Skye’s daughter) as well as bringing back Emily, Georgie, Skye and Ned would have been a heck of a lot better than flooding the show with newbies because they are connected to characters we care about. Anyway its a moot point I guess. I’m sad to go and will always wish the best for GH but no longer enjoy watching. Sorry for the rant and I hope the rest of your GH wishes come true! :)

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