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    Good riddance. I have never understood the fuss and fanfare over Nadia Bjorlin. I think she’s a dreadful actress……….and always has been.

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    She’s not a very good actress, but she was very appealing from December 1999-August 2001, the “Ghoul Girl” era and the first go-round of Philip and Chloe. I haven’t liked her in about a decade, and it can be traced back to when she left Philip for Brady. This latest stint (2007-present) turned Chloe into a ho and basically ruined the character for a very long time.

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    I think like most actresses on soaps she is mediocre, not great or terrible. But she doesn’t play bitchy and that seems to be some sort of qualifier for some people to make a female character interesting.

    I think she was good early on in her ghoul girl phase and her monotone emotionless portrayal was always part of who Chloe was. I think sheffer did far better job with her and was onto something with adult Chloe than Higley came along who who can’t write for any woman unless your name is Ari Zucker and she just destroyed Chloe. I thought Nadia did a decent job during her PPD story, far better than Kimberly McCullough on GH who people laude as some great acting talent, did, who IMO is as lifeless on screen as Nadia has been at times.

    I wish her well. I have seen her on Venice and I think while no great actress, she does have charisma and a presence that’s been visible on Venice. She seems like a genuinely nice person.


    @alstonboy4315: the problem with daytime acting wise has been that they go for looks over talent all too often. In Hollywood appeal gets you locked in to a few movies here and there but you are never taken seriously. You’re always locked into being the pretty face. But for daytime it gets the entire genre seen as fluff. Enough with the pretty faces and more with the good actors. The A+ actors who yearn to work. I’d rather have Susan Flannery as a big older viper than some old young pretty face who just reads-lines and looks lost until 30 years later they figure out how to actually act.

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    She’s not the worse actress in daytime. Actually, I think she’s doing okay with this prostitution stuff. (Lying on your back all day can’t be that challenging). Someone recommended her as Mac for Y&R (rolling eyes).

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    They were stupid to put Philip with Melanie and Chloe with Daniel when Phloe have a built-in fanbase. Oh well, at least we got a Phloe child out of it, and that counts for something.

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