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    I was shocked to read that Chris Goutman is surprised his show was cancelled, and that he seems to be stubbornly refusing to "go the nostalgia route." Whaaaat?

    He has had ample opportunity to do a good show. The past two or three years have been rapid-fire storytelling and bad storytelling at that. The show is on the chopping block. It has an end date. Just live with the reality and FOR ONCE, do something the fans want to see, like bring back fan favorite. You know, some of my FAVORITE SCENES since watching in 2001 involve Terri Columbino (Katie) and Helen Wagner (Nancy) discussing their lives. One of the best scenes lately was Katie confessing to Nancy that she talks to Brad, and Nancy ratifying her feelings by saying she’s been talking to HER late husband for years. 

    You know, even 12-24-year-old women have mothers and grandmothers and can relate to talking with a cherished older woman, be it their friend, auntie, grandma, whoever.

    Goutman just needs to suck it up already and do right by the fans. But his statements seem to be of someone who is bloody minded and hell-bend on doing things his way.

    You know, I first "met" Goutman when he played Sharkey, a psychopath on Edge of Night, in a storyline that dragged on too long and overstayed its welcome. Seems like history repeating, but on the executive producer level. Let’s hope that P&G pulling out of the medium means no more perpetuation of bad execs like Goutman and Wheeler. At first, it seemed like a good thing, having soap actors in exec positions… Sigh!

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