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    It’s happening!!! :D

    Christie Clark Back to DAYS
    Soap Opera Digest has learned that Christie Clark (Carrie), who last appeared on the show in June as part of the farewell to Alice, was at the set today, filming again. The actress, who recently gave birth to her second child, will appear in early February.

    Oh my God, I am so excited even if it’s only a short-term stint! Carrie is my second favourite Days character of all time (just behind Marlena), so this is incredible news! I’ll tune in again for one episode, two episodes, or even long-term if Christie’s staying on a permanent basis. Patrick back as Austin is just the icing on the cake!!! He was always the better Austin, and hopefully viewers who only know Austin Peck agree when they see Pat in action.

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    Here’s a pic tweeted by Alison Sweeney!

    Christie and Patrick look so damn good!!! Can’t wait to see the REAL Austin and Carrie again!!!!

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    Oh my God! WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!

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    Only Carrie is returning. And that’s just for an appearance. I know, I think it sucks too.

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    “An appearance” can be just as long as or longer than her 4-episode stint in June.

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    Wondering if this is a brief appearance if it is in support of the Sami child custody storyline?

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    Does anyone know the precise airdate for Christie’s episode? I don’t watch Days anymore but I’m tuning in for Carrie!

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    Anyone got a first airdate for Christie Clark???

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    I agree. Austin Peck was HORRIFIC on DAYS in the 90s. He was the WALKING PERSONIFICATION of the term “hair model.” I swear I didn’t realize that the man could ACT a lick until I saw him on ATWT, where—- GASP——— he actually had a sense of humor, charm, comedic timing and he delivered his lines without looking like a deer in the headlights. :D :D :D :D LOL!!!!!! Miracles do happen. I don’t watch much DAYS these days, nor do I recall Patrick Muldoon in the role, but I think it’s great that DAYS is getting back to it’s roots–at least SOMEWHAT.

    And no, unfortunately, I don’t have an airdate for Christie. Sorry.

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    She’s in the new spoilers on the main page, but I don’t know if it’s for this week or next week.

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    Wednesday February 9. I flicked through my digital cable’s menu and read the daily synopses for Days. Carrie’s mentioned in Wednesday’s. Yay!!! :D

    To be safe, I’m DVRing the entire week as I’m not sure if she’s just in the one episode or maybe a second or third.

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    I like how they are bringing Carrie back after Alice’s funeral as they did with Kayla and Jennifer. It does annoy me, however, that they are using Carrie as Sami’s best friend instead of mortal enemy. They are better as rivals.

    If they can’t sign her to a contract, bring Christie back on a recurring basis like Mary Beth Evans. And since Austin Peck has moved to OLTL, Patrick Muldoon can finally return as Austin!

    Here’s the story I’d write if I could…

    Carrie and Austin return to Salem to start a family. After suffering a couple of miscarriages in Switzerland, they have decided to adopt a little girl from China. But Carrie has a secret: she’s pregnant! She doesn’t want to tell Austin until the end of the first trimester just to make sure she doesn’t miscarry again.

    Meanwhile, Austin gets word that the adoption has fallen through and goes to tell Carrie. Before he can say anything, she surprises him with the news that she’s pregnant! Austin panics, worrying the stress of the adoption falling through will harm the baby, so he makes up a lie.

    Austin turns to Victor to get him a baby Chinese girl on the black market. Victor agrees to do so if Austin signs over Austin Reed and Co. to him. Austin agrees, and Victor finds him a little girl. They name her Marlena Katherine Reed, “Marley” for short.

    Carrie befriends her new neighbour Lana, who in turn befriends Sami.

    Meanwhile, Sami and Carrie both find themselves getting threatening phone calls, texts, emails, and letters. Finally, Carrie gets a letter from the stalker revealing the truth about Marley! Carrie confronts Austin and he admits the truth. She is upset with him for deceiving her. Carrie worries that they could lose their daughter if the truth comes out. They get in a huge fight and Austin throws her affair with Mike in her face. Carrie leaves and goes to Sami’s.

    At Sami’s, Carrie and Sami are attacked by the stalker: it’s Lana! Lana is actually Sami’s rapist Alan Harris! After Sami shot Alan in the crotch, he had a sex change operation and became “Lana”. Lana/Alan takes Carrie and Sami to the woods and throws them down a well. In the well, Carrie goes into labour and Sami has to deliver the baby. It’s a boy.

    Meanwhile, Austin and Lucas (who happens to be back in town) realize Sami and Carrie have been kidnapped and figure out the truth about Lana/Alan. They comb the woods looking for them.

    Carrie and Sami manage to climb out of the well with the newborn baby. They run into Austin and Lucas but are confronted by a gun-toting Alan/Lana. Lana starts firing and Austin takes two bullets. Lucas tackles Lana and subdues him/her.

    In the hospital, Carrie stays by Austin’s bedside with their children until he pulls through. They name their son Roman Robert Reed. Victor arrives and reveals that he made a financial contribution to save the orphanage and that the adoption is legal after all. Marley is, in fact, the child they meant to adopt. Austin promises to never lie to Carrie again. Carrie accepts his promise and they kiss.

    In the aftermath, Carrie juggles being a full-time working mom with two children while Austin stays home with the kids. Little do they know Carrie and Austin will soon find themselves in a classic 80s adventure storyline to save all of Salem from destruction!

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    Carrie fans: tomorrow’s the big day! I’m looking forward to seeing my beloved Carrie in HD. Wonder what brings her back to Salem for one episode!

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    Today’s the day Carrie fans!!! :D :D :D

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    A little disappointed that Carrie’s scenes were one end of a phone conversation, but it was nice seeing her again! Christie looks beautiful and Carrie has a lovely office!

    Almost seems wasteful to bring Christie back when we could have just as easily simply heard Sami’s end of the conversation, but I’ll take what I can get! I mean, they had to pay Christie Clark for her appearance AND build an office set…Perhaps this is a prelude to bringing her back on a semi-permanent basis like Mary-Beth Evans and Melissa Reeves.

    Anyway, I love Carrie and even though I watched all of her scenes in about 5 minutes, it was still a delight!

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    Did anyone else enjoy Carrie’s brief appearance?

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    It’s official: Patrick Muldoon and Christie Clark are back!!!!!!!!!! :D

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    Here’s a pic of Patrick leaving the studio after his first day of taping!

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