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    Poor Sami Brady. Ya know usually the girl gets what she deserves. This week however I nearly felt sorry for the ole gal. We started off the week with her losing her job ties with Madworld when Madison decided to pull the plug on the spying over at Countess Wihlemena. Sami, too afraid to cross Kate is left hanging for one of the people in the world that scares even her. She once had Sami put on deathrow for a crime she didn’t commit. What the world she gonna do to Sami if she finds out that Sami was plotting to bring her down.
    Then there is the point that she is feeling her marriage is on shaky ground. She SEES the goo goo eyes that her sister is making towartds her husband. And HE is making em back.
    So this is a pretty tough week right? Uh well it was till Friday. Then her whole life went over the proverbial cliff. In yesterday’s story we learned that EJ has given Will a brand new apartment over looking the Horton Town Square as part of his hush money about EJ and Sami’s infidelity. Sami caught Will packing his bags and wants to know what is up with him. He is reluctant to talk, as we know. Today however he is a little more forth coming. Sami has ruined the only family that Will has ever had, he says. Over and over again, Sami has destroyed any chance of a real and meaningful childhood that Will needed and always wanted. He has always been the adult in the relationship. She has never really loved him or his siblings. She only loves herself. Taken back at his violent accusations, Sami wants to know why he feels this way. The last few years have been good and they have had a great relationship over the last few years. She has no idea of what her actions has led in his life. She doesn’t even know the issues. OF COURSE she doesn’t he spews.
    What did I do? Sami demands.
    I SAW YOU! I saw what you did! When everyone else was out looking for your son I SAW you having sex with EJ!
    Ofcourse Sami, deny deny deny. Then excuses. I was overwelmed. I thought Johnny was dead……
    Blah blah blah….. excuses! He totally breaks down with YOU ARE A WHORE! I HATE YOU! How does it feel to have done the exact same thing that you claim your mother did to ruin YOUR life.
    It’s not the same thing, Sami rebutts.
    No it’s not. Atleast Grandma Loved John.
    She asks why he doesn’t hate EJ too. Oh he hates EJ too. But Ej has shown him a way he can still stay in Salem.
    She pleads with Will not to tell Rafe. He says he wants to really badly and watch him walk out on her but for Johnny and his sister’s sake he is refraining for now. She whispers thanks.
    The tears flowing and spewing from both their eyes as he storms out the door, leaving his mother in tatters.

    Anything else today would be anti climatic and probably should have just been this scene for the whole day. But no. There were two other scenes today (well three if you count wrapping up EJ and Nicole’s conversation about Will. He swears that Will is not blackmailing EJ.(LIAR but then how could anyone believe a word he says)

    Today is the big debate on local ecomnomics between the mayorial candidates Ej and Abe. Both confident of the outcome but only one is right. And for once it is not EJ that has the upperhand. HE sputters through the answers to the questions he did not study for. Abe on the otherhand apparently studied up for the debate because he flew by the questions and came up with a 67& poll saying he won. EJ, desperate tries to throw Abe under the bus about marital issues. Abe backs him off saying he WILL get in the mud with EJ if that’s where he wants to go. And Abe can provide plenty of information. After the debate, EJ and Nicole confront Abe and Jennifer and Lexie about Abe having the questions before hand. Ofcourse Lexie stands up for Abe. Abe and Jen remain silent………

    Rafe and Carrie finally get a paying job that lasts 20 minutes until they find out the husband’s secret is an aneversary party and not that he is having whoopi with another woman.
    Rafe and Carrie celebrate with a big hug that turns into a passionate kiss. And just then Sami arrives at their office door, opens it and catches her sis mackin on her man! By this point, I was feeling for Sami. That is alot in one week to take on. Even if you are the villian.

    Will stops by the Brady Fish Market and sees Sonny’s gay friends hanging out at the bar. They invite him to a party which he readily accepts. Hey getting that anger out at his mother atleast has left him open to new ventures.

    Man the stories are flying high this month. Let’s hope they continue. Next week’s previews seem to indicate that next week will be more explosive stories. We still gotta find out what Sami is gonna do with Rafe and Carrie. We still need to know how much EJ and Nicole hate to lose. And how Lexie is gonna react to her husband’s less than high road politics.
    Oh yeah and what is in that Damned box!!!!!

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    The whole Will-Sami conversation did not last more than twenty-five minutes which is lightning speed for such a big reveal when compared to how previous writing teams would have dragged that out.

    It made me very uncomfortable to hear Will calling his mother a whore and see him get so violent with her. That shove was brutal.

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    Soap armagedeon, I understand how you feel about it. I felt pretty sorry for Sami today. However Will has put up with this crap all his life. She has vertually turned his life upside down more times than I can count. Yes that was brutal. But it seemed honest to me. I felt like the scene deserved an entire episode, and I really resented the other stories today to be honest. I think that Sami and Will played it all out there though. I was reliving all the times when Will was younger and taller and he would just be mortified by his mom. How many times did Will start a sentence with Oh My God mom!She kept it up until he took a gun and shot someone just to end her ability to ruin his life any further. His extreme reaction is based on not just this one incident but rather building for years. And then for her to do the ONE thing that she condemned her mother for doing all those years ago, has ruptured Will’s world. His whole being is just leaking out with nothing to stop it. Basically he is free falling. He wants her to hurt like he has continually hurt as long as he can remember.

    Sami has alot to atone for with Will. She had better get started and soon. I think the key to fixing this is Lucas. Between the two, they can defuse EJ’s trap that he is holding Will in. Then she can try to build a better kind of relationship with him. The one that she has offered him has been a toxic one.

    I found this scene which was one of many from Will’s youth when they left him at an overnight instead of being with him after Grandma Caroline was thought dead.

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    Will has every reason to be furious with Sami, but I can’t help but wonder to what extent his being conflicted over his sexuality is fueling his rage. It’s like there are all of these layers of feelings, and they all came out in one emotional, violent surge. One of the things I love about this story is that the main characters involved — Sami, Will, EJ, Marlena — are all dealing with things outside of the story. For Sami, especially, it’s like a perfect storm of misery. It’s an umbrella storyline with even more umbrellas underneath the main one. That’s excellent soap opera.

    I remember last year, before the reboot, the characters all seemed so isolated in their own stories. Like when Stephanie and Caroline (where’s Caroline?!) were at the center of the paternity-switch story, and Caroline had her stroke, Sami was barely involved and neither were any of the other Bradys, aside from Kayla. Now, though, stories are intertwined, and characters have more than one thing going on at any given moment. My only gripe is that I don’t like what they are doing to Nicole. It seems like she’s losing a bit of her edge, and she has absolutely nothing going on outside of EJ. Nicole is no fun unless she’s scheming on her own behalf on the side. I think Jen vs. Nicole has potential. When Dr. Dan returns, I would be up for a triangle, or a quadrangle with Jack, though I’d prefer for Jack to be moved out of Jen’s orbit, for the time being, into another story. Maybe when Billie returns, she’ll be available.

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    Oh, and Brady was more interesting when he was sloshed and kind of evil. Hopefully, Madison’s mystery man will bring that back out in him while making her more interesting. Thus far, I find her pretty useless.

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    Sami is a victim of karma! I always cringe when I see teenagers and young characters mouthing off to their parents on soaps b/c I feel that such behavior should end with a swift slap across the face, but let’s not forget that Sami was ten times worse than Will when she was his age!

    And it’s great to see history repeating itself! Remember, Sami’s life was changed forever when she saw John and Marlena sleeping together. And now, seemingly, Will’s life will be changed forever by having seen EJ and Sami sleep together!

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    Sami knows she foul and Will had every right to go off on her! She has messed up his life so bad that he can’t trust women. That’s a major reason he is so conflicted about his sexuality. The layers of this story is so awesome and I’m chomping at the bit about this party Will is going to. Is the big kiss finally coming?

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    Personally I think that Will suffers from a little bit of homophobia. He feels it is unaceptable for him to be gay so he has avoided it until now. I think he is going into exploring his being gay because well Sami can and does anything she wants and by god so will he. So he is acting out of rebellion rather than just trying to be true to himself. This means he has a long way to go. Being true to himself is a good thing but acting out because he has an ax to grind is not a good thing. I hope he is safe while he is in this mode.
    He didn’t go to Sonny and say I am gay. Help me understand what that means for myself. Rather he just jumps head first into a party and God knows what else. Hopefully there will be someone to watch over him.
    I like this story because it is a fresh story from what we usually get. It is not the usual PC oh everyone I am gay and everyone throws a big party except for that one big bully and exactly one family member has a problem with it. It is a rebel with a cause story. Family is letting you down so you go out and rebel. Seldomly if ever has that been explored on tv with a gay character. Gay life on tv. has been more Will and Grace than Queer as Folk.
    I would like to see some more angles from Sonny as well. He is like Rebecca of Sonny Brook Farm as gay men go. He doesn’t seem to have a trouble or a care in the world. I would like to see this character fleshed out more.

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    Friday rocked on the strength of Sami & Will’s confrontation. AS was just as excellent as CM in those scenes, I was tearing up. Friday’s episode was good but the standout was Will spilling the beans to Sami and then it ended when Sami caught Rafe & Carrie kissing. I watched the episode again this morning. Last week was a very strong week worth of episodes the whole week, I hope they keep this up. I for one am concerned about the this new EP and direction Days could be taking starting with Hope & Stefano because it was changed the last minute by her.

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    Just wanted to say I am still LOVING THE RECAPS MARK!!
    Thanks soo much for doing them! ;)

    [I have been out of town for 2 weeks with no i-net/tv, so I am trying to catch up on what you’ve been writing (and DC in general), so that’s why you haven’t heard from me!]

    the thoery of opposites
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    Welcome back Miri!

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    Thanks Hun!

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