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    This is an admittedly a deep dive from an admitted soap history geek but, here I go.

    Let’s say that Sonny and the other mobsters are fighting for dominance in the coffee distribution market of the Upper Atlantic states; as presented by the current writers. I am also going to assume that the “Luke-wants-ELQ storyline” is going to tie into a story wherein some mobster wants to control the transportation of coffee through ELQ’s shipping assets. However, I don’t see how this is an advantage. If I am Starbucks and I am competing with Peet’s, controlling the transport of coffee is not going to be an advantage. After all, ships carry a full load of coffee and disrupting the distribution of coffee to Starbuck vs Peets would be disadvantageous to the shipping company. It was explained by past writers that this is one of the reasons that ELQ shipping was separate from mob interests.

    I am making this point with a bit of tongue-in-cheek. If the mob distributed illegal drugs, then controlling the method of transport would be more important. These kinds of logical puzzles keep me interested in the story because it such an obvious network note that the writers continually remind us that Sonny only wants to sell coffee and he abhors mobsters who want to deal drugs.

    Look, if you can’t express a deep drive on a soap message forum, where can you?

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