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    This is via

    National Academy of Arts and Sciences spokesperson confirmed to Nelson Branco’s Soap Opera Uncensored, a major overhaul of the beleaguered Daytime Emmy award nomination process. Most of the changes have been approved and are ready to be implemented while some will be integrated over the course of the next two years.

    Here is a rundown of the new rules. Thank God. Some change! Because, this was getting ridiculous. Now the question, will this work and even the playing field? Or, somehow back-fire? Emmy voting changes …

    There is no limit to how many actors from one show can submit their name for Emmy consideration in the pre-nomination round in a category. For example, 10 actresses from General Hospital can submit themselves for Lead Actress contention.

    Pre-nominee hopefuls will submit an edited two-minute reel consisting of one scene from one episode reflecting their best work from the calendar year.

    Judging pre-nominees hopefuls will be conducted online only on a NATAS website over 4 weeks instead of 2. Members of the Academy will choose their top 10 choices from 1 (being the best) to 10 — regardless of what show they are employed on. The ballot will not include names or pictures of the hopeful candidates. Anonymous live links to their work will only be shown. In other words, voters will have to click on each link to find out who they are voting for — and most importantly, view the candidate’s work. Translation: Blind voting for members’ friends or well-known names is seemingly over.

    An actor can still submit more than one role in the same category.

    The top 10 pre-nominees from each category will be announced on March 2, 2012.

    In the final round of judging, a blue ribbon panel will be chosen to judge each of the final pre-noms, who will submit one full episode from the calendar year on DVD. Next year, NATAS will propose 15 minutes of work from as many episodes as they like and viewed online much like this year’s pre-nomination voting session. Why not this year? The spokesperson elaborated: “We asked AMC, while they were putting together their reels, to give us some sample submissions with scenes from multiple episodes, so that it would lend weight to our argument and be able to let the awards committee view, and see how important it is for an actor to show a broader range of work. One thing we were told was that pulling from multiple episodes would be asking too much of shows, but AMC proved that wrong by quite easily working with the actors and putting together a couple of sample reels for us, quite quickly since they were about to wrap! We’re working on that change for next year — as you can see!”

    A guest star category will more than likely be re-introduced in 2013. Over the years, members have suspiciously voted against bringing back the guest star category; but with so many recurring statuses and/or stunt casting enveloping the daytime dial, the Academy is finally reflecting the changing daytime landscape.

    Final nominees will be announced on May 4. The ceremony will take place sometime in June. And it looks “good” that they will air on broadcast television, shares the spokesperson. Moreover, he adds that a very cool plan to reinvent the ceremony may be in the works as well. Stay tuned.

    Also, when Uncensored asked if dramatic web actors could submit themselves in the mainstream categories (Best Actress/Supporting Actor/Directing, etc.) — especially since the number of broadcast soaps have decreased significantly in recent years and the quality of acting online is as top drawer as on the tube — NATAS answered: “That’s a good question! There is nothing in the rules that prevents web actors from entering in the main broadcast categories!”

    So what do you think of the new Emmy voting process revisions? Let us know!

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    [quote=matealestlmo]This is via Final nominees will be announced on May 4. The ceremony will take place sometime in June. And it looks “good” that they will air on broadcast television, shares the spokesperson. Moreover, he adds that a very cool plan to reinvent the ceremony may be in the works as well. Stay tuned.

    Well, my rumor report about the fact that the Daytime Emmy’s might not be aired on television next summer was a bit premature as NATAS has stated above that it looks “good” that the Emmy Awards will air on broadcast television. What do you all think of this possibility? NATAS will likely be making major changes to the Daytime Emmy Awards telecast. Perhaps it won’t be in Vegas again? Perhaps this will be about Daytime television shows and perhaps we might actually have a daytime drama actor/actress be the host of the show in June of 2012? One can hope that this will all come true. The last 3 years of Emmy Award shows have been dismal and has driven fans away from watching the show because of how poorly the show was put together and produced!

    What do you think about this possibility?


    I think it is good and like the concept of this. As long as it means Michelle Stafford won’t get her ass on the final 5 for the millionth time.

    Yet they forget rules about air-time that one needed in a leading role to qualify.

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    Well I know for GH they females for best actress could be that is:
    Becky Herbst-Jake’s death
    Laura Wright-Jax’s death
    Lexi Ainsworth-Her health issues
    Kimberly McCullough-HIV cocktail not working
    Nancy L. Grahn-Taking over Corenthos/Morgan lawyer position
    Carolyn Hennessy-Diane just is a great character opposite Alexis

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