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    Cast of Characters: Sami, Will, Nicole, Daniel, EJ, Kate, Ian, Bo, Kayla,Jennifer, Abe, Madison.

    There were alot of regrets, sadness, selfishness and basically alot of tears on Tuesdays episode. Madison and Ian argue about Titan. She is upset that he took her job after telling her not to. They get into a serious discussion about their lives and start to talk. Madison pleads with Ian to let her go so that she can be with Brady. She tearfully tells Ian that she truely loves Brady and wants to start a life with him. She has always thought of Ian as a mentor and a friend and hopes that their marriage could end in peace. Ian politely listens to everything that Madison has to say and then says that this is a sad story. Sad for her because Ian has no intention of giving up Madison whom he sees as an aquesition.
    Nicole has the news that she is pregnant but she does not believe a word of it. She has been told her last pregnancy was a fluke. So this isn’t possible. She can’t go through this right now. Daniel agrees to rerun the tests….
    At the Fish Pub Dr Kayla (as much as I love seeing Kayla, it is weird to see a doctor take time off to wait tables) is serving beer and chowder, while Abe has tied one on. He is beside himself with grief over losing his wife and job over his dumb actions. EJ comes to the restaurant to talk to Bo but Abe is having none of it. He wants to beat the hell out of Abe. EJ doesn’t mind taunting Abe a little as he is getting kicked out. He is happy Lexie dumped Abe.
    Abe is overcome with emotions as the others try to settle him down. Jen feels awful about getting Abe involved with this whole thing. But Jen gets a phone call and rushes out. Abe and Bo talk about how EJ twisted things around. Abe did admit to the switching of the questions at the debate. Bo was amused by it, but swears that is all. But that cost him Lexie.
    Bo insists that EJ can be brought down but he needs Abes help.
    As Nicole waits for the test results, EJ figures out where she is and comes to find out why she is in the hospital. Nicole blames him for her being there. She is so distraught that she passed out at the Horton Square. She had warned EJ that she wanted complete openess if they were going to work out. She could accept the downlow on the Dimera end but the personal stuff she expected honesty. She sees that when it comes to Sami, his feelings for her trumps everything. She can not trust him and wants him out of her life. EJ attempts to plead his case but she won’t hear him. She understands what happened and can not live with it. She wants him to leave.
    Jen finds Daniel at the hospital and welcomes him back. Daniel is polite but not as happy to see her as she is him. He asks about Jack and if they got back together. Jen explains that Jack has decided that he is not good for Jenifer and has broken it off. Daniel accepts this but doesn’t seem particularly happy or sad about it. Daniel says he needs to get back to work.
    Jen feels the coolness between them and asks if Daniel is ok. He said he was fine but he thought they were moving on from eachother seperately. Jen says yes that is what they said.
    It is obvious that Jen wants to say more but she leaves.
    Daniel takes the new results to Nicole, where he finds EJ there and Nicole asking him to leave. Daniel tells EJ to get out and then tells NIcole that she is for certain pregnant. Again Nicole breaks down to tears (Although I prefer a stronger Nicole, Ari is doing a smash up job with this more raw and opened version. I just hope that she turns all that sadness around and get EJ where it hurts!)
    Kayla says that EJ is a little caught now. He can’t just run ammock now that he is mayor. He certainly can not entertain villains and stay in office for long (apparently she doesn’t keep up with politics). They just need to put their heads together and think of a way to bring him down!

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