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    An enlightening interview by the soon to depart Crystal Chappell, who discusses the past, present and future:

    Fan favorite (and that’s an understatement) Crystal Chappell (Carly) recently stunned fans when she Tweeted on her husband’s (Michael Sabatino of ‘Knots Landing’ fame) account that she would be leaving ‘Days of our Lives’ later this summer when her contract expires.

    The good news is that given how far ahead the show tapes Carly could remain on-screen for quite some time. Another casting shocker quickly occurred when Louise Sorel (Vivian) told TV Guide that she, too, was on her way out.

    Sorel revealed in the exit interview that the much-missed Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall, who play supercouple John and Marlena, are coming back to ‘Days’ this summer.

    Chappell and Sorel will be deeply missed. Carly is the one true viable threat to super-duo Bo and Hope. Vivian entertains viewers with comedy one moment and turns calculatingly evil the next. (Was there ever anything more chilling in soaps than Vivian taunting Carly via walkie talkie after she buried her alive back in 1993?)

    Read on to hear Chappell’s thoughts on leaving Salem a second time and what her plans are for the future.

    AOL TV: How are fans reacting to your news about leaving ‘Days’?
    CRYSTAL: They’re being lovely and supportive. I’m basically retiring. That’s my news.

    AOL TV:You are not.
    CRYSTAL: I am. I’m going to focus on my family and focus on the Web. (Chappell executive produces and stars in the popular Internet series ‘Venice.’) If something comes along that’s short term, I have no problem with that. This has been a wonderful career — I’m writing a book about my experiences in daytime. Without sounding too crass, I’ve gotten around. (In addition to two ‘Days’ stints Chappell also appeared on ‘Santa Barbara,’ ‘One Life to Live’ and ‘Guiding Light,’ where she won an Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2002.) I have a lot that I want to say and this is a time in my life where I want to do the things that I want to do and create the vision that I want to create and go from there.

    AOL TV: We’re in a time of great change with soap operas being canceled and new ones starting on the Web like ‘Venice.’ People are looking to you because you’ve made a success of it.
    CRYSTAL: I feel like I’ve learned a lot in the last two years. That’s all it’s been, a learning experience. I feel we’re in a place where we understand how to make this work. It’s taken a lot of people, a lot of great minds, but yeah, I feel good about what we’ve done and where we are headed.

    AOL TV: How would you like to see Carly leave Salem?
    CRYSTAL:I always used to say to [head writer] Jill Lorie Hurst on ‘GL’ that it would be great for [my character] Olivia to get hit by a bus filled with student clowns going to a clown convention. There’s something about Carly stepping off the curb and getting rid of her by a bus [that’s oddly appealing]. I have loved playing this character. I had another job offer [after ‘GL’], but the reason I went back [in 2009] to ‘Days’ is that I had created such bad energy when I was there before. I was a young, messed up person. I really wanted to go back and give this crew and these people good energy, laughs and entertainment. I know it sounds weird — I’m an actor out of work — but I feel I accomplished that. I walk away feeling so proud of what I did. I’ve had a long career. My family and I are in a very lovely place and I get to do these wonderfully creative things with great people [with my Web series].
    I’ll always be a part of the daytime community because I’m going to [take] these lovely faces and this talent and put them to work in something that allows them the freedom to do really anything they want to do. That’s where my heart is. That’s what my goal is.

    AOL TV: Have you read ‘I’m Just Sayin,’ your former ‘GL’ co-star Kim Zimmer’s upcoming memoir?
    CRYSTAL: I’ve read some excerpts. I haven’t seen my name yet, so I’m a little bit put off by that. [Laughs] My sweet Zimmer and I were texting today. She said, “Now what role are you writing for me in your [next Web series] ‘The Grove?'” And I have!

    AOL TV:’The Grove’ isn’t based on the outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles’ Fairfax area, is it?
    CRYSTAL: No. It’s not. It’s more about a small community, actual groves, lemon groves, orange groves. It’s based on my Irish Catholic upbringing and it’s about two Irish Catholic families. It’s working class versus the nouveau-riche. They’re connected through history.

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    I don’t get the appeal of Crystal Chappell. I LOVED her in the 90s, but I was only 7 years old when Carly was buried alive. I didn’t think she brought much to the table this time around, but 90% of that can be blamed on the writing. The other 10% is the character’s fault because she just doesn’t really fit on the show anymore. Onward and upward, eh, Crystal?

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    I have only seen clips here and there of her original stint on DAYS, but I agree that her latest stint on DAYS was pretty much a joke. It’s definitely the writing, because I REALLY enjoyed Crystal on GL as Olivia, especially when they paired her with Grant Aleksander and Ron Raines. We both know that Dena Higley can’t write her way out of a paper bag, so it’s for the best that they cut their losses.

    P.S- I LOVED her comments about getting hit by a bus with clowns headed to a clown convention. Don’t know why. Guess I’m just a great big dork……….. :D :D

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    The clown bus would be very Reilly-esque. Beth and Charlie/Alistair dressed up as clowns and kidnapped Sheridan and threw her into the pit on Passions.

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    I was thinking the same thing, very Reilly-esque!!! LOL!! ;) ;)


    I hated that Clown kidnapping story…uggh!!! Me and Carolyn Hinsey agreed, because her column always discussed that mess.

    Anyways as for Carly. You know CC is going to be godmother of web soaps so she ain’t got to worry about nothing.

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    [quote=david46208]I hated that Clown kidnapping story…uggh!!! Me and Carolyn Hinsey agreed, because her column always discussed that mess.

    What a surprise, we disagree on something about Passions. I LOVED the clown kidnapping—that was when Beth was at her truly villainous best! Beth was one of my favourites.


    Reilly had just gotten into a violent overkill at that time. The amount of torture he wrote for the show’s heroine was just too much to bear. This is part part of the reason why so many fans on message boards referred to JEK as the infamous nickname JERK. He could frustrate and anger fans to the point that they stopped watching and the ratings would sink.

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    Anyone who stopped watching was an impatient loser. JER plotted his stories at a methodical pace. The whole fun of a good story is the JOURNEY, not the destination.

    I didn’t think the clown story was especially violent, nor do I think he wrote anything that was particularly violent towards women.


    Since you went there. I would like you to explain to me what was fun about watching Jessica being pimped, Fancy and Theresa being involved in storylines where they were raped around the same time? Theresa was raped by Allistir while at the same time Fancy was being raped by the half-man half women dressed serial rapist and Jessica was being pimped and beaten by Spike. Now can you for the love of GOD tell me how that was good soap opera? It obvious by the ratings declined that the fans were on my side.

    the thoery of opposites
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    That stuff wasn’t glorified or exploitative. It added to the drama and made the show interesting to watch. People who tuned out didn’t get Passions, didn’t get JER’s genius, and really shouldn’t have been watching something that went over their heads to begin with. :)


    LOL…you know how to make me laugh. Well that went over so many fans heads that Passions ended up on Direct TV and eventually gone. But I would have liked to have had someone like a Bill Bill or Agnes come and save the soap. I’m sure one of them could have gotten it to move up the ratings to the point that it #3 or 4 in the ratings.

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