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    With the ending of All My Children (on TV) this gave several soaps a chance to try and lure the fans over to one of the remaining soaps that they may not have watched. The only 2 soap operas that seemed to be thinking in this manner were the Sony soaps Days of Our Lives and The Young and The Restless. And what is interesting is the good and bad approaches each soap has taken to try and lure fans of AMC over to try their daytime drama on for size. Now let’s examine the two approaches.

    Days of Our Lives Approach
    For DOOL they doubled down with 2 new co-head writers and an executive producer to save the ailing series from its lower than low ratings and bring the show back to what it was before Riley got his hands on it. They optioned for “ripped from the headline stories” that Agnes and Bill have preached about for decades over any sci-fi-you-have-to-really-suspend-belief-to-suspend-belief-to-believe-it storylines.

    By going back to the basics and focusing on a cast of characters their core fans know and love, and by writing character driven storylines and bringing back the “love in the afternoon” feel that had all but been lost. They are opening up DOOL to a new generation of soap fans and lapsed AMC viewers, while pleasing their core base at the same time.

    They are not telling you come back or drop by and give them a try. They are actually putting their money where their scripts are and proving it through excellent writing and writing to their actor’s strengths.

    So if you were an AMC fan and are looking for a new soap to call home DOOL has been like a restaurant giving out free samples and they taste so good that you want to make that order.

    And if this is what it means to throw the kitchen sink and everything at it to save a soap or give it a good try. Then I’d say Ken was on the money and AMC fans like me co-sign this message.

    The Young and The Restless’ Approach
    Now when we flip over to CBS and see Maria Arena Hell at The Young and The Restless we get a different feel for how she intends to try and market the daytime drama to those AMC fans without a home. She is not cooking good food and letting the taste and the reviews stand for themselves. Nope she is going for the celebrity show’s up at my restaurant for a fee and hopes his or hers presence will draw in the customers.

    This has been an epic fail so far.

    She has tried it with Eden Riegal, Maura West, Stephen Nichols, Tristan Rogers, Eva Pigford’s non-acting-ass, Gruff McGruff aka Darius McCrary, Julia Pace Mitchell (black royalty my ass…more like the court jester. Tracee, Evan, and Rhonda Ross are true black royalty) and Genie Francis as Evil-Lynn, and that is just to name a few.

    Now she is gambling the house, the 401k, the kids college fund and that SUV in her driveway on the idea that with bad storylines and bleeding ratings that bringing on Debbie Morgan and now Melissa Claire Egan will do what it do for the for the series and circumvent what she doesn’t have in story, in high profile soap star fame.

    And so you see that is a recipe for disaster. Of course it is already a Greek tragedy, but she wants to pile on more.

    You see there have been great ensemble cast films like Cold Mountain, Crash and Magnolia. They each all had top tier actors and actresses and garnered wide respect from the industry. But what Hell is doing is the equivalent of having a Scary Movie (Part 5) which is released straight to DVD.

    And with her having shown her hand and played it a long time ago. The idea of getting excited over any hires (especially former AMC starlets ) may get you some media press but is going to do nothing to bring those viewers over to the show. Because word of mouth is that you can’t even boil an egg correctly more or less fry a steak.

    So at the end of the day, DOOL is taking the right steps that will continue to resonate with long-term fans and have a chance at bringing in former AMC viewers. Meanwhile, not even casting Susan Lucci would make anyone want to tune in to the heaping plié of shit Y&R has become.

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