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    I began this threat as a comment in the ratings posting but thought I would post it here. A story idea I have for days I think would start to bring it back to where I feel it should be. Here is the sum of what I had in mind:

    I’ve always wanted to see Theo aged to a teen and start getting bullied in school. This would lead him to his gramps who would empower him to use his Dimera family ties to get the bully’s to back off. This could enrage Abe who doesn’t want his son influenced by Stefano and we could start to play out the A Bronx Tale type of story where Theo becomes interested in his grand fathers organization and starts to have disdain for his goody-too-shoe father. Stefano would follow Lexie’s wishes and not embrace Theo’s interest, thus rather trying to push him to be honorable like Abe.

    Theo would believe he needed to prove himself to be worthy of becoming a Dimera and help Stefano on several occasions when he least expected it and needed it the most. But Stefano would still say no to him.

    Things would then continue to go down hill at the Carver house as Theo and Abe clash over the changes he sees in his son and Lexie tries to defend Theo like moms do believing he is going through a phase that all teens go through, yet silently she is concerned.

    Theo spirals out of control becoming more tougher, confrontational with students at school, disobedient to teachers, not coming home when he is supposed too and hanging out at the Dimera Mansion more then he allowed. So Abe considers sending him to boarding school and Theo runs away.

    When the Salem PD can’t find him Lexie asks her father to find her son behind Abe’s back and Stefano reluctantly does the job. He finds Theo who refuses to go home, because he hates his father and wants to live with Stefano.

    Lexie then has it out with Abe to keep Theo in Salem and he reluctantly allows his son to move into the Dimera mansion so long as he straightens up.

    Stefano secretly makes a false pact with Theo that if he stays in school and gets good grades that he will let him join the Dimera organization when he graduates.

    Theo improves and Lexie is happy, but Abe is hurt that his own son hates him, but won’t admit it. Abe then starts to show his own sinister side when secretly becomes determined to bring the Dimera’s down for the sake of his son and in spite.

    Stefano works to convince to Theo to reconcile with his dad and when Theo heads home to have a chat with Abe he overhears his father talking to the ISA with whom he has enlisted to help him in his quest. Theo then gets angry but imagining how Stefano would deal with this he fakes a reconciliation with Abe and reports back to Stefano what he learned. A hurt Stefano does what he always does when he feels attacked. He uses Theo whom is all to willing to be his eyes and ears as to how Abe’s takedown plot is moving along.

    As things start gearing up when you know who Celeste returns and is not fooled by Theo’s act. She realizes he is up to something and it is not good. But keeps it to herself. Celeste though does have a series of I know what you are up to type of conversations with Theo and let’s him know she is on to him.

    Celeste would start to piece things together although she has no idea what Abe is planning nor what exactly is going on between Theo and Stefano. So she would move into the Dimera mansion pretending to want to be closer to her grandson, but really so she could keep an eye on things.

    While all this is going on Theo is becoming more and more Dimera like and Celeste remembers the signs she saw when Lexie started heading down that path. Then thing that puts it all together for her is when she secretly sees Theo playing chess by himself in the living room and is deeply in thought.

    Now Celeste is determined to figure out what is going on with Abe, her grandson Theo and Stefano so she can stop the madness her tarot cards has predicted with the card of death.
    On the other side of things Kate would become jealous and worried that Celeste was trying to move in on Stefano. Kate would see the affection Stefano still has for his baby’s momma and the way he treats her. Even when Celeste not so nice to him. Kate would warn Celeste who would laugh her off trying to calm her suspicions. But Kate would keep her eye on Celeste having a feeling she moved in for other reasons though those reasons being the wrong one. Kate would then work to thwart what she thinks is Celeste attempt to get with Stefano and get her out of the Dimera mansion.

    As Celeste premonitions become more aware of things going down hill and her having visions and nightmares of a coffin She comes to the conclusion that the only way she may be able to change the future is to actually try and make Kate’s worst fears come true. And alas we have a Kate/Stefano/Celeste triangle in the making as Celeste starts to realize she really does still have feelings for Stefano and could lead him to goodness.

    And so the plot begins….

    That is the start I have to a good 3 year storyline that would have the fans enthralled. What do you think?

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