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    I am warming up to days 2.0. It has been good so far. But whomever decided to let the actors who play Doug and Julie sing need to rethink that next time. Julie was off key may times and their harmony was bad in spots. Just don’t expect America’s Got Talent to be calling soon. Or I was wondering what Simon would say. Other then that it felt sort of like old times. Always.

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    Actually Julie (susan hayes) has never proclaimed to be a singer. Doug (Bill Hayes) is the singer and was very successfull in his day. He sang the original version of The Ballad of Davey Crockett and it became a hit. He also sang on tv all through the 50s and early 60s. When he came on the show, he became a nightclub owner and often sang. This was not meant to be gorgeous music. This was supposed to be tear bringing sentimentality. It is like hearing your mom sing. She might not be the best, but what would life be without hearing her. The song and the singers were spot on perfection. Just because it was not professional does not mean anything. It was not meant to be.
    Susan talked about singing this in an interview. Apparently one of the writers remembers Always as a duet between Doug and Julie, although it never was. She was glad to do it though.


    Thanks it was interesting to watch.

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    There is a clip on youtube though of Doug and Julie sitting at a piano and singing “Me and My Gal” with Liz and Neil. Not really a performance. More of them goofing around.

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    I thought the duet was just fine. Everything can’t be auto-tuned to death. It’s the Glee factor. It’s what CSI does to trials. People expect things that can’t be delivered without a lot of fakery.

    It was Tom and Alice’s ‘theme song’. Of course Doug and Julie should be the ones to perform it. I thought it was very sweet.

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